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Desktop Dungeon is played in randomly generated 20x20 block dungeons. Dungeons are populated with enemies, altars to gods, pickup items and stores. There are 6 types of dungeons in the game:


Normal Dungeon

This is the standard game mode. All unlocked enemies may appear in a standard game.


Ranked is unlocked when a player completes the normal dungeon with all standard classes. Ranked is otherwise like a normal dungeon except that monsters are tougher and scores may be submitted online.

Challenge dungeons

The remaining 4 types are challenge dungeons, having very specific enemy types and unique appearances. Every challenge dungeon has two bosses instead of one.

Snake pit

Populated by naga, serpents and gorgons. Players will fight Nidhogg and Medusa.


Populated by warlocks, dragonspawn and imps. Players will fight Aequitas and the Matron of Flame.


Populated by zombies, wraiths and vampires. Players will fight the Tormented One and Frank the Zombie.


Populated by meat men, animated armour and golems. Players will fight Iron Man and Super Meat Man.

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