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|boss=The Iron Man
|boss=The Iron Man
|quote=Bane of pretty much any magic user.

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Desktop Dungeon Monster
Attack 100%
Health 100%
Abilities Magic resist 50%
Unlocked by Complete Normal dungeon as a Sorcerer

The Golem is one of the monsters that roams the Desktop Dungeons. It is unlocked by clearing the game as a Sorcerer, and has high magic resistance. The boss version of the golem is The Iron Man. Golems are also found in the Factory side dungeon.


  • Health: 100%
  • Damage: 100%
  • Magic resist 50%


Golems are, simply put, the worst threat for magic users. Halving the effectiveness of any spell that's cast on them means that wizards in particular will have a tough time with them, and that players who rely on offensive glyphs for ideal combat will find themselves at a disadvantage as well. However, golems are completely average aside from magic resistance, meaning that characters who only use glyphs on themselves (or who don't use magic at all) should have absolutely no trouble with golems.

Boss info

The Iron Man
Bane of pretty much any magic user.
Attack 75
Health 318
Abilities Magic resist 75%

"Build... march... destroy... fist and hammer... strength and metal... all else will perish..."

The Iron Man is the boss version of the golem in every sense of the phrase: his magic resistance is high, but otherwise he is unremarkable compared to other bosses. Unfortunately, this will effectively shut down most boss-killing strategies, like APHEELSIK and BURNDAYRAZ. However, that magic resistance does not apply to glyphs you use on yourself, so HALPMEH, CYDSTEPP, BYSSEPS, and GETINDARE all retain full effectiveness against the Iron Man.

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