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The half-dragon HeroDragon.png is one of the special races in Desktop Dungeons. It is unlocked by clearing the Library with a warlord. Half-dragons are immensely powerful individuals who fight with magical breath and a brutal knockback attack that sends enemies flying, and are also blessed with supernatural sight.


  • 200% Max Health at start
  • Magical Attack
  • Increased Sight Radius (same effect as Scouting Orb, all tiles touching an explored tile will be partially uncovered, allowing you to see what type of object lies there)
  • BURNDAYRAZ glyph costs 99 Mana, preventing its use
  • 20% Knockback, gains an additional 20% for every glyph converted

General Strategy

Knockback causes enemies to go flying one square in the direction you hit them when you use a melee attack, unless another enemy is in the way. If they land on a wall, they will destroy it. If they move onto a tile you have not yet explored, but will have seen due to your increased sight radius, the monster icon will have a lifebar until it reaches its maximum health. Knockback is calculated from your Base Damage and applies damage when an enemy destroys a wall or hits another enemy, ignoring resistances. When knocked back into another enemy, Knockback damage is halved and applied to both enemies. Finally, the enemy you knocked your target into will never die from the Knockback: they will be left at 1 HP minimum and lose a level of Death Protection if they have one.

Since they can't use BURNDAYRAZ, it's best converted as soon as you see it. Knockback is a good way of breaking walls past high-level enemies or even dealing early damage to them by knocking enemies into them. Knockback damage is also left unaffected by Mystera's restriction and is not affected by damage resists. Be wary of enemies with Magical Resist, as Knockback is the only solid way you have of dealing damage to them. And note that if you deal more damage to a particular enemy if you knock them into a wall instead of another enemy. Finally, although they have high max health, remember that they still have the same health regeneration as standard classes.

Easiest and quickiest way to win is poison - either Venom Blade or APHEELSIK. High health will let you smack big enemies.

Deity Choice

Half-dragons work well with Binlor Ironshield, as they collect piety easily by knocking monsters into walls. For the same reason, he also can work well with Jehora Jeheyu. The Glowing Guardian can be used for refilling a Half-dragon's large maximum hp, and Dracul's maximum hp reduction isn't as bad due to the large maximum hp as well. As usual, The Pactmaker is a solid choice. Due to a lack of ability to use BURNDAYRAZ, Taurog is often also a good choice. The Earthmother and Mysteria Annur should almost certainly be avoided as a Half-dragon, and Tikki Tooki's dislike of those who get hit too much doesn't work well with the Half Dragon's high maximum health.

Challenge Modes