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Desktop Dungeon Monster
Attack 135%
Health 100%
Abilities Magical attack
Unlocked by
Notes None

The Warlock is one of the monsters that roams the Desktop Dungeons. It is one of the four default monsters available at the start, and has a powerful magical attack. The boss version of the warlock is Aequitas, a reference to an early Desktop Dungeons player. Warlocks are also found in the Library side dungeon.


  • Health: 100%
  • Damage: 135%
  • Magical attack


Warlocks are the most damaging monster you will find outside of the factory, and some measure of magic resistance goes a long way against them. However, their defenses are average, so a strong offense before letting them attack you is an effective means of fighting them. If your attack power is high enough and you have a means of striking first, you can usually take down high-level warlocks relatively safely.

Boss info

He has a cool beard.
Attack 112
Health 318
Abilities Magical attack

"Typical. I take but a moment to relax in my chair by the fire and enjoy a session of beard stroking, and some boorish hero stumbles in uninvited. I would offer you a sherry, but good drink is wasted on the dead and your intrusion is quite frankly unforgivable. May your impending demise be a lesson to you."

Aequitas has the second-highest attack power in the game, capable of dropping most characters below level 9 in a single hit, so having a way to defeat Aequitas without getting hit is critical. Unlike Gharbad, however, Aequitas is not magic resistant at all, so the usual tactics of softening bosses up, like APHEELSIK and BURNDAYRAZ, work as well as ever. CYDSTEPP is valuable as well, since Aequitas is very likely to kill you with a regular attack.

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