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Desktop Dungeon Monster
Attack 100%
Health 75%
Abilities Undead, Magical attack, Mana burn, Physical resist 30%
Unlocked by Complete Normal dungeon as a Fighter

The Wraith is one of the monsters that roams the Desktop Dungeons. It is unlocked by clearing the game as a Fighter, and resists physical attacks while inflicting mana burn. The boss version of the wraith is The Tormented One. Wraiths are also found in the Crypt side dungeon.


  • Health: 75%
  • Damage: 100%
  • Causes mana burn
  • Physical resist 30%
  • Magical attack
  • Undead


Wraiths are interesting in that they pose little threat for players who focus heavily on either physical attacks or magic, but are fairly annoying for players that try using both. Despite their physical resistance, they have so little health that characters with solid physical attacks can put them down without issue, although the mana burn might become a problem. Magic using characters can just BURNDAYRAZ and never have to worry about mana burn. However, unless you're close to leveling up, if you fight most monsters by switching between magic and normal attacks, you'll be in for trouble.

Boss info

Tormented One
Attack 75
Health 238
Abilities Physical Resist 60%

"Look at you, ungrateful one. You have life and blood and colour. You wish to master the dungeon where others have perished? I shall drag you to the grave and make you suffer as I do."

The Tormented One has all the same traits as you'd expect of a level 10 wraith, but its physical resistance is up to 60%, making head-on combat the last thing you should do when fighting. To make matters worse, you cannot use APHEELSIK on the Tormented One. The best strategy, considering its low health, is to spam BURNDAYRAZ constantly. Only once your mana resources are completely depleted this way should you attack the Tormented One in close combat.

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