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Desktop Dungeon Monster
Attack 100%
Health 150%
Abilities Undead
Unlocked by
Notes None

The Zombie is one of the monsters that roams the Desktop Dungeons. It is one of the four default monsters available at the start, and has fairly high health. The boss version of the zombie is Frank the zombie. Zombies are also found in the Crypt side dungeon.


  • Health: 150%
  • Damage: 100%
  • Undead


Zombies should basically be handled as moderate meat men: fight them in close combat normally, but keep in mind that they both do and take more damage than meat men, so one way or the other, the fight with a zombie will be over quickly. Unlike meat men, zombies are undead, meaning that priests can fight them early to gain levels faster, and paladins can use them to heal up, so if you're playing one of these classes, it's important to manage zombies as a resource.

Boss info

Frank the zombie
Frank doesn't care much for your attitude, chum.
Attack 75
Health 636
Abilities Undead

"Hi. You have something Frank want. Don't worry, Frank good at prying open skull. Frank be kind and eat you quickly."

Like with regular zombies, Frank the zombie has high health even among bosses, with a total of 636 health being just behind Super Meat Man as the second-highest HP total in the game. Frank takes this a step further by being undead, preventing APHEELSIK tactics. The safest way to handle Frank is to fight directly, using your magic not to use BURNDAYRAZ thanks to his high health, but to keep yourself alive, usually through means like the CYDSTEPP or HALPMEH glyphs. Frank does an average amount of damage for a boss, so if your character could survive toe-to-toe with any other boss, they'll stand a fairly good chance against Frank.

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