Creeplight Contract

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The Creeplight Contract dungeon is the Class: Assassin Assassin silver Challenge. It has the additional stipulation that you must kill every monster in the dungeon (ie, get the Badge: Unstoppable Unstoppable).

This dungeon is mostly identical to the Dungeon: Creeplight Ruins Creeplight Ruins, but the boss has a slightly different name, and has greatly increased stats. Much, much harder to beat.


You may prepare bazaar preparations for this dungeon. There is no particular advised selection.


  1. Anubbis - Form 1 - Monster: Warlock Warlock - 441 health - 86 attack - Traits: Revives, 50% Physical Resist, 50% Magical Resist.
  2. Anubbis - Form 2 - Monster: Zombie Zombie - 261 health - 82 attack - Traits: Revives, 50% Magical Resist, Undead, Bloodless.
  3. Anubbis - Form 3 - Monster: Wraith Wraith - 261 health - 82 attack - Traits: 50% Physical Resist, Mana Burn, Undead, Bloodless.

2 things: You're going to want to Class trait: SWIFT HAND SWIFT HAND the first form, and you're going to want to fireball the third form.

To the first, using a Class: Assassin Goblin Assassin with the Item: Wicked Guitar Wicked Guitar makes this easy. Do not uncover the boss! Otherwise, using the Item: Wicked Guitar Wicked Guitar to level up your popcorn is much more difficult, as you will no longer be able to Class trait: SWIFT HAND SWIFT HAND the boss (who is level 9). Use the bloodstains & bones surrounding the boss to carefully avoid revealing him. Activate the Wicked Guitar during the clean-up phase, but after killing all level 9's. Otherwise, you'll have to deal with a bunch of pissed-off non-boss level 10's, who tend to be very annoying.

There is an altar to God: Dracul Dracul. After killing all undead in the cleanup phase, but before killing the rest of the popcorn, worship at the altar. Go for God boon: Blood Tithe Blood Tithe (at least 2 or 3 levels, unless that means that the boss 1-shots you) and save the rest of your piety for God boon: Blood Swell Blood Swells. This should greatly increase your longevity.


You receive the Item: Venom Dagger Venom Dagger as your reward for winning this dungeon, an item that causes your first attack against every monster to be poisonous.