Creeplight Contract

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The Creeplight Contract dungeon is the Class: Assassin Assassin silver Challenge. It has the additional stipulation that you must kill every monster in the dungeon (ie, get the Unstoppable badge).

This dungeon is mostly identical to the Creeplight Ruins dungeon, but the boss has a slightly different name, and has greatly increased stats. Much, much harder to beat.


You may prepare bazaar preparations for this dungeon. There is no particular advised selection.


  1. Anubbis - Form 1 - Monster: Warlock Warlock - 441 health - 86 attack - Traits: Revives, 50% Physical Resist, 50% Magical Resist.
  2. Anubbis - Form 2 - Monster: Zombie Zombie - 261 health - 82 attack - Traits: Revives, 50% Magical Resist, Undead, Bloodless.
  3. Anubbis - Form 3 - Monster: Wraith Wraith - 261 health - 82 attack - Traits: 50% Physical Resist, Mana Burn, Undead, Bloodless.

2 things: You're going to want to Swift Hands the first form, and you're going to want to fireball the third form.

To the first, using a Goblin Assassin with the Item: Wicked Guitar Wicked Guitar makes this easy. Do not uncover the boss! Otherwise, using the Wicked Guitar to level up your popcorn is much more difficult, as you will no longer be able to Swift Hands the boss (who is level 9). Use the bloodstains & bones surrounding the boss to carefully avoid revealing him. Activate the Wicked Guitar during the clean-up phase, but after killing all level 9's. Otherwise, you'll have to deal with a bunch of pissed-off non-boss level 10's, who tend to be very annoying.

There is an altar to Dracul. After killing all undead in the cleanup phase, but before killing the rest of the popcorn, worship at the altar. Go for Blood Tithe (at least 2 or 3 levels, unless that means that the boss 1-shots you) and save the rest of your piety for Blood Swells. This should greatly increase your longevity.


You receive the Item: Venom Dagger Venom Dagger as your reward for winning this dungeon, an item that causes your first attack against every monster to be poisonous.