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The Magic, Woo! dungeon is the Human Wizard.png Wizard bronze challenge. In this dungeon, you must use magic to prevail over a variety of different monsters... none of which have magic resistance. If you ever wanted to go nuts as a spellcaster, this is your opportunity to enjoy it.



There are no preparations allowed on this challenge.

Resources Available

There are no altars in this challenge. As a wizard, you will begin with the BURNDAYRAZ.png BURNDAYRAZ glyph, and will always find the WEYTWUT.png WEYTWUT, IMAWAL.png IMAWAL, ENDISWAL.png ENDISWAL, and LEMMISI.png LEMMISI glyphs. The WEYTWUT glyph always appears on the top side of the river, but the other glyphs are more variable.

Crossing the River

The top and bottom side of the map are completely sealed off. In order to cross, you will either need to blast through the walls with the ENDISWAL.png ENDISWAL glyph or teleport across with the WEYTWUT.png WEYTWUT glyph. The latter approach will require you to reveal a monster on the other side to target, which makes it very difficult without the LEMMISI.png LEMMISI glyph.

If you cannot reveal such a monster or burst through walls, you will need to defeat every monster (including those two level 10 guards) on the north side of the river. This will cause the boss to reveal himself. You can then switch positions with the boss, find the ENDISWAL.png ENDISWAL glyph on the south side of the river, and return to the north side to fight him.


It's usually worthwhile to play as an ElfHero.png Elf in this scenario. All the monsters present can be easily dispatched with a damage spike, so use the WEYTWUT.png WEYTWUT glyph to corral weaker monsters into a convenient killing zone while hunting down and slaughtering stronger enemies. When the time comes to take down a powerful foe (such as the level 10 gate guards) execute the monsters for a mid-battle level-up. Thanks to your vastly expanded elven mana pool, this will allow you to chain together a large number of fireballs for a devastating onslaught.

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