The Metal Age

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The Metal Age is a special dungeon that serves as the Class: Thief Thief silver challenge.


No preparations are allowed in this challenge.

Special Rules

The map contrains "trapped chests". These chests deal damage and always strike first, so you need to find a way to survive them. Each chest contains a different glyph:

The Boss

The boss is a level 9 Guard Captain (ATK 75/HP 480). It's identical to several other Level 9 guards around, so be careful. This is good, though, because if he had pumped up boss stats, this would be impossible. This captain is the only guard with dialogue, so make sure that you are always keeping track of where he is. He's easy to lose in the crowd.


Get ready to do this level over, and over, and over. The basic strategy is:

  • Accumulate enough attack bonuses that you can kill two level 2 guards without using more than two or three potions(or less, if you can manage it. Regen-fighting is hard here, though);
  • Carefully work your way up levels with the help of WEYTWUT and IMAWAL's experience bonuses;
  • Deal with the Guard Captain.

LEMMISI is nearly useless, as you'll have to do a fair deal of exploring to acquire powerups initially (but hey, free conversion). WEYTWUT, on the other hand, is precious.

You start out in one of the corners of the map, and are surrounded by high level guards (all orange levels, but mostly 9). The map is made up of a lot of narrow corridors, with few areas more than one square wide. The only low level guards will appear on the map as the red monster symbols, and they will usually be on the opposite side of the map from you. As you will initially be surrounded by guards that kill you in one hit, you will need to be very careful in where you teleport guards; you can easily trap yourself if you aren't paying attention. A good piece of advice is to use the fact that Glyph: WEYTWUT WEYTWUT has unlimited range to teleport guards into any corner or alcove that you uncover. No matter how far away the guard is, you can use WEYTWUT to switch places with him and move him out of the way.