Winter is Coming

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The Winter is Coming dungeon is the Class: Assassin Assassin bronze challenge. The boss is a Monster: Frozen Troll Frozen Troll named Shard with nigh undefeatable might.


No preparations are allowed in this dungeon

Resources Available

The dungeon will always have the Glyph: IMAWAL IMAWAL and Glyph: BYSSEPS BYSSEPS glyphs, and has regular shops. There are no altars available for worship. You begin with a "contract" in your inventory that can be converted for 100 CP.


Monster: Meat Man Meat Man

Monster: Frozen Troll Frozen Troll

Monster: Frigid Corpse Frigid Corpse: Undead, Bloodless


The boss Shard is immensely powerful, with wicked damage, health, and resistances. However, he is only 7th level, meaning an 8th level Assassin can kill him instantly using swift hands. As a result, the real challenge of this dungeon is leveling up from the other monsters.


The easiest approach to this dungeon is to play as a Race: Goblin Goblin, allowing you to convert things for experience points. It's basically impossible to lose if you follow this route; simply explore the map, convert all the glyphs and the contract, then execute every monster with swift hands. There's enough XP to take you to level 8 even without buying items from the shops to convert. If you wish to win as other races you will need to aggressive pursue bonus experience. The best approach is to attack higher-level Meat Men using poison and petrify low-level Frozen Corpses or Frozen Trolls to multiply your earnings. If you have not yet unlocked goblins, your best option is to play as a Race: Human Human. Even without the goblin, this is still one of the easiest challenges in the roster.