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2 Mana Points  far sight
  • Reveals 3 random hidden tiles (if any are available)
Hotkey L

LEMMISI is a glyph that reveals 3 random tiles on cast, allowing the player to explore parts of the dungeon even if they don't have access to them. Revealing tiles with this glyph has the same effects like exploring them in a manual way; the player gains health and mana as he usually would. Due to LEMMISI costing 2 mana, but revealing 3 tiles, the player will always gain 1 bonus mana when using this glyph.

LEMMISI will always reveal a random mix of tiles. But there is an order of priority, which could roughly be :

  • at first the glyphs,
  • then altars and stairs,
  • then shops, items, potions, and bosses,
  • then power-ups,
  • then monsters and gold,
  • and finally all the remaining empty tiles and walls.

That order of priority is not absolute : it means that when first casting LEMMISI you will reveal a mix of monsters/glyphs/walls... But if you find the glyph right from the beginning, it'll only take a few casts to see every glyphs (between 2 and 4 times in early kingdoms, and maybe 6 casts if you have more shops and altars), a few more to see every altars (between 4 and 8 times), between 10 and 20 times for the boss, many more to reveal every enemies (around 50 times, which means 1/3rd of the map).

The sequence in which monsters are being revealed seems to be random.

Unlocking the glyph

LEMMISI starts unlocked.


If you find LEMMISI early, it can serve as a scouting tool - using it a few times to check what Deities, monsters, glyphs, or bosses are lurking around can allow you to adapt your strategy to the dungeon.

Unless your character is good at regen-fighting, the glyph isn't really useful for combat as monsters will regenerate as if you were exploring normally. However it would usually be more efficient to explore in the normal way, since you'll gain more mana than you would using LEMMISI.

The exception to this is when you have used up all reachable black space, and the dungeon or any subdungeons still have lots of unreachable, unrevealed tiles. This is where LEMMISI truly shines; by combining it with Glyph: APHEELSIK APHEELSIK or Glyph: BYSSEPS BYSSEPS, you can weaken a boss or wittle his resistances down before the fight even starts!

This is extremely useful for the Class: Monk Monk, since he lives and dies by how much blackspace he still has left. Once there is no black space, however, the glyph no longer has any use and should be converted.


  • Be careful if you have taken Mystera Annurs "Mystic Balance" boon. The boon either in- or decreases manacosts toward 5, resulting in an actual manaloss when you use this glyph.