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There are a total of 117 items in Desktop Dungeons. Out of these, 74 are lockerable using the Guild's lockers, and as such can be taken into dungeon runs as an extra preparation. The in-game Codex lists 112 items (5 of the items do not have a Codex entry). Note that the codex erroneously tracks progression against 114 items, so a fully explored kingdom will list 112/114 items in the codex. Kingdoms started before March 2015 will most likely only list 109/114 items, as the release of the Enhanced Edition wiped all previous Codex entries, and three of the items are tied to early-game quests that can only be encountered during the beginner quests.

There are up to 38 items that can show up in the dungeon shops. These items belong to one of three shop item groups:

  • all 8 Basic Items are available as soon as Bazaar is unlocked, and remain to be the most frequently encountered item type even later on;
  • the 22 Quest Items only become available once they are individually unlocked through their respective quests, and are normally rarer than the Basic Items;
  • the 8 Elite Items become available as a batch once Bazaar is upgraded to Level 3, though normally remain quite rare finds.

Bazaar offers preparations that can alter the chances of each item group showing up in the shops.

For more information on the shop algorithm, check out the Shop Spawn page.

Items Available in Shops


These 8 items are available in shops once you find the Gate Scroll and build the first level of Bazaar in your kingdom. They can be put in your Guild Locker.

Icon Name Description Cost CP CP/GP
Badge of Honour.png Badge of Honour +10% attack bonus, can be consumed to grant 1-time death protection 18 40 2.2
Bloody Sigil.png Bloody Sigil +5 max HP, -10% bonus attack, +1 health regeneration per square revealed 8 45 5.6
Fine Sword.png Fine Sword +4 base damage 15 35 2.3
Pendant of Health.png Pendant of Health +10 max hit points. 15 35 2.3
Pendant of Mana.png Pendant of Mana +2 max mana 12 35 2.9
Spoon.png Spoon +1 base damage; small item 1 1 1
Tower Shield.png Tower Shield +10% physical resistance 14 35 2.5
Troll Heart.png Troll Heart Gain +2 Max HP every time you level up (Bonus is not lost from converting this item) 16 55 3.4


The following 22 items are available in the shops once you unlock them by completing either their respective quests present on the Adventuring Map, their associated Puzzle Packs, or their respective Silver Class Challenges. You can increase your chance of finding them in shops afterwards using the "Quest Items" preparation from the Lvl 2 Bazaar building.

Icon Name Description Unlock Method Cost CP CP/GP
Piercing Wand.png Piercing Wand Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ reduces enemy resistance by 3% (Cannot go below 0%) Quest: Double Take Double Take 13 30 2.3
Rock Heart.png Rock Heart Replenishes 1 Health per level and 1 Mana whenever a wall is destroyed (Glyph: ENDISWAL ENDISWAL or knockback) Quest: Bonus Bravery: Slime Pit Bonus Bravery: Slime Pit 14 60 4.3
Dragon Soul.png Dragon Soul Free cast chance: 15%, prevents you from entering the cursed realm in the Dungeon: Cursed Oasis Cursed Oasis (a prepared Item: Dragon Soul Dragon Soul will not prevent this) Quest: Bonus Bravery: Oasis Bonus Bravery: Oasis, also dropped by the Cursed Shade in the Dungeon: Cursed Oasis Cursed Oasis 23 50 2.2
Fire Heart.png Fire Heart Gains +5% charge every time you cast a spell that costs 3 or more mana; activate to use stored charge to restore HP (maximum 100%) Quest: Ice and Fury Ice and Fury 20 12 0.6
Crystal Ball.png Crystal Ball Gains 1 charge every time you cast a spell that costs 3 or more mana; activate to use all charges and restore mana equal to number of charges for (4+2n) Gold Pile Icon 18.png Quest: The Realm's Finest The Realm's Finest 15 50 3.3
Witchalok Pendant.png Witchalok Pendant Grants a layer of Trait: Stone skin Stone skin when casting Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ; small item Quest: Halflings, Ho! Halflings, Ho! 19 30 1.6
Battlemage Ring.png Battlemage Ring BURNDAYRAZ deals +1 damage per level (+25% damage) Quest: Minecraft Minecraft]] 25 20 0.8
Hero's Helm.png Hero's Helm +5 HP, +1 MP, +2 base damage Quest: Confidence Confidence 18 50 2.8
Platemail.png Platemail -2 Trait: Damage Reduction Damage Reduction per character level; your attacks are Trait: Slowed Slowed Fighter Silver ChallengeFighter Silver Challenge Toe-to-Toe 23 40 1.7
Whurrgarbl.png Whurrgarbl Your physical attacks apply Burning effect like BURNDAYRAZ Berserker Silver ChallengeBerserker Silver Challenge Again! Again! 15 45 3.0
Trisword.png Trisword +2 base damage; Gain +5 decaying base damage whenever you drink a potion (capped at +7 total) Warlord Silver ChallengeWarlord Silver Challenge Terror Grows 12 35 2.9
Balanced Dagger.png Balanced Dagger Grants 2 bonus experience every time you kill an equal-leveled enemy; small item Thief Silver ChallengeThief Silver Challenge The Metal Age 12 44 3.7
Gloves of Midas.png Gloves of Midas Gain +1 gold every time you kill an XP-valuable monster Rogue Silver ChallengeRogue Silver Challenge Wrath of Midas 10 45 4.5
Venom Dagger.png Venom Dagger Poisons the enemy for 2 poison per character level each hit; small item Assassin Silver ChallengeAssassin Silver Challenge Creeplight Contract 16 50 3.1
Stone Sigil.png Stone Sigil Gain +1 Piety whenever you kill an XP-valuable monster; small item Priest Silver ChallengePriest Silver Challenge The Evil Zombie 14 30 2.1
Martyr Wraps.png Martyr Wraps Your attacks apply a stack of Corrosion; everything visible (including you) gains 1 corrosion on level-up Monk Silver ChallengeMonk Silver Challenge Way of the Open Fist 15 45 3.0
Agnostic Collar.png Agnostic Collar Prevents deity punishment for desecration Paladin Silver ChallengePaladin Silver Challenge Honour and Glory 25 50 2.0
Mage Plate.png Mage Plate Gain +1 MP and -5% bonus damage per uneven character level (starting at the first) Wizard Silver ChallengeWizard Silver Challenge Malfunctionarium 20 40 2.0
Blue Bead.png Blue Bead Gain +1 MP whenever you kill an XP-valuable monster; small item Sorcerer Silver ChallengeSorcerer Silver Challenge Damp Darkness 5 10 2.0
Vampiric Blade.png Vampiric Blade +1 Trait: Life steal Life steal Bloodmage Silver ChallengeBloodmage Silver Challenge Bloodsoaked Blade 25 50 2.0
Viper Ward.png Viper Ward Immune to poison; small item Complete "Hello, halflings!" introduction puzzles 16 65 4.0
Soul Orb.png Soul Orb Immune to Mana Burn; small item Complete "Hello, gnomes!" introduction puzzles 16 65 4.0


The Following 8 items become available in shops after you upgrade the Bazaar building in your kingdom to lvl 3. You can increase the odds of finding them in shops by using the "Elite Items" preparation. They can be placed in your Guild Locker after a run, and some can be found in various subdungeons, taken out and lockered "out of order".

Icon Name Description Obtaining Method Cost CP
Keg of Health.png Keg of Health Obtain 3 healing potions when used Shops (Elite), or El Potion Loco subdungeon which can be found in the North. If you kill the Goblin before using the Wand of Splosion, he drops it. 25 70
Keg of Mana.png Keg of Mana Obtain 3 mana potions when used Shops (Elite) 25 70
Elven Boots.png Elven Boots +3 max mana, +15% magic resistance Shops (Elite) or the Graveyard subdungeon, after you kill the lvl 5 Zombie who appears after you check the tombstones. 35 50
Dwarven Gauntlets.png Dwarven Gauntlets +20% bonus damage, +2 max HP on level up Shops (Elite) or spending 50 piety in the Brandonnn subdungeon, which appears in the East. 35 50
Amulet of Yendor.png Amulet of Yendor Grants +50 XP when used Shops (Elite) 45 100
Orb of Zot.png Orb of Zot Provides 5 health and 3 mana when carried. When activated, the orb is consumed and every enemy on the current level will have its maximum health (not current health) reduced by 50% Shop (Elite) 45 100
Alchemist Scroll.png Alchemist Scroll Grants +8 HP at the cost of 3 gold whenever a potion is used (Effect can only be activated once per character level) Shop (Elite) 13 40
Wicked Guitar.png Wicked Guitar All visible enemies have their level increased by 1. Cannot affect the same enemy twice, and cannot raise their level above 10 Shop (Elite) 11 11

Kingdom Preparation Items

The following items are available as preparations once you upgrade their respective kingdom buildings, 6 at the Blacksmith, 9 at the Witch, 3 at the Alchemist Shop, 1 from the Thieves Den, and 1 from the Bazaar (20 total). They can't be put into the Guild Locker.

Blacksmith Items

Icon Name Description Blacksmith Level Cost CP
Bear Mace.png Bear Mace Your regular attack causes Knockback; +25% knockback damage Level 1 12 35
Perseverance Badge.png Perseverance Badge +10% bonus damage; small item Level 2 15 20
Really Big Sword.png Really Big Sword Attacks ignore 35% of target's physical resistance, but always strike second Level 3 12 35
Shield.png Shield -2 damage reduction Level 1 15 35
Slayer Wand.png Slayer Wand Instantly slays one target monster, granting base experience

(no bonus experience; capped at your level)

Level 2 5 10
Sword.png Sword +2 base damage Level 1 25 35

Witch Potions

These potions are available as preparations and most can be bought from the in-dungeon Alchemy Shop. The unlock for the preparation and in-dungeon shop is different for each potion. Some potions are not normally available for purchase in-dungeon, but are available in the Daily Challenge.

Icon Item Description Unlock Preparation Unlock Shop Cost CP
Health Potion.png Health Potion Restores 40% of your maximum HP (rounded down) and removes poison Always available Always available 10 10
Mana Potion.png Mana Potion Restores 40% of your maximum MP (rounded down) and removes mana burn Always Available Always Available 10 10
FortitudeTonic.png Fortitude Tonic Removes Poison and all stacks of Weakening Witch level 1 Complicated Task Part 1 8 10
BurnSalve.png Burn Salve Removes Mana Burn and all stacks of Corrosion Witch level 1 Complicated Task Part 2 8 10
StrengthPotion.png Strength Potion Removes all your mana, your base damage for the next attack is increased by 1 per level and 1 per mana consumed while drinking the potion Witch level 2 Complicated Task Part 4 15 10
SchadenfreudePotion.png Schadenfreude Restores 1 MP for every point of damage taken on your next attack

(Note: Mana burn is applied before damage is dealt, so if you attack an opponent with mana burn, it will take away all your mana and then this potion will kick in to restore your mana.)

Witch level 2 Complicated Task Part 5 15 10
QuicksilverPotion.png Quicksilver Potion Grants temporary 50% Dodge and dodge prediction, removed after a successful dodge Witch level 3 Daily Dungeon Only (can be obtained from God: Tikki Tooki Tikki Tooki with the God boon: Reflexes Reflexes) 15 10
ReflexPotion.png Reflex Potion Grants temporary First Strike and a free retaliation (extra attack) against the next monster you attack. Witch level 3 Daily Dungeon Only (can be obtained from God: Tikki Tooki Tikki Tooki with the God boon: Reflexes Reflexes) 15 10
WHUPAZ.png Can of Whupaz Instead of dealing normal damage, your next attack will reduce the health of the enemy you strike to 75%, unless it would do more damage normally.

A niche trick, but which had been of prime importance in the early dailies : if the monster has 1 HP only, it will kill it even if the monster is immune to the blow (for example a half-dragon hitting Durr, who is magic immune (in magma mines), would kill him when his life has been reduced to 1 HP).

Do not use Reflex potion with this as you do not get additional one hit.

Witch level 3 Daily Dungeon Only (can be found inside the Metal Spider Temple subdungeon) 20 10

Alchemist Seals & Misc Preparation Items

Icon Item Description Method of Obtaining
Compression Seal.png Compression Seal Turns an item in your inventory into a small item Alchemist level 1
Transmutation Seal.png Transmutation Seal Converts an item or wall into its value in gold (walls give 10 gold), and grants a bonus to your next conversion. Does not work on lead items. Alchemist level 1
Translocation Seal.png Translocation Seal Steals an item from a shop and halves the conversion value Alchemist level 2
Shop Scroll.png Shop Scroll When used creates an additional Shop Scroll on a random, empty adjacent tile. Bazaar level 1
Patches.png Patches the Teddy On level up, gives a random boon and random curse from the following list.

Boons: +3 Health, +3 Gold, +5% Attack Bonus, +1 Mana, +4% Physical and Magical Resistance

Curses: Mana Burn, Poison, Teleport, Grid Reveal

Works even on level-ups past level 10.

Building: Thief Den Level 3 Mossy Isle Casino

Items Found In Dungeons

Subdungeon Items

These items are most often found in subdungeons and class challenge runs, and are not available for purchase in shops on regular runs. They come in two main categories, ones you can put in your Guild Locker and then use as preparations, and ones you can't. Some we're still unclear on in that regard, so feel free to contribute to that investigation.


Icon Name Description Obtaining Method Cost CP
Forlorn.png Forlorn Conversion value boosts to 100 upon entering inventory Shop on Tinker Silver ChallengeTinker Silver Challenge Forging Ahead, Subdungeon 1 33/100
Penance.png Penance +2 damage and +1 max MP on pickup, -3 damage and -2 max MP on removal Shop on Tinker Silver ChallengeTinker Silver Challenge Forging Ahead 25 35
Bound Sword.png Bound Sword +15% damage, can't be converted Shop on Tinker Silver ChallengeTinker Silver Challenge Forging Ahead 14 N/A
Amulet of Yendor.png Cracked Amulet Consume to gain +5 XP Subdungeon 2 10
Cracked Orb.png Cracked Orb Reduces all visible enemies max health to 90%, but doesn't reduce their current HP Subdungeon 15 10
Cracked Soul Orb.png Cracked Soul Orb Adds 1 layer of Death Protection upon entering the inventory, and becomes permanently inert. Subdungeon 10 50
Stone Sigil.png Crumbling Ward Can be consumed for +15 Piety. Subdungeon 10 40
Avatar's Codex.png Dairy Diary Activate to read a diary of a goat. Subdungeon 1 100
Hero's Helm.png Dented Helm +1 Mana Point +1 Damage. Subdungeon 18 30
Draining Blade.png Draining Blade +1 lifesteal, 9 layers of curse and 5 corrosion on pickup Shop on Tinker Silver ChallengeTinker Silver Challenge Forging Ahead 25 50
Fake Beard.png Fake Beard +5 XP on pickup, can't be converted Subdungeon 10 N/A
Goat Horn.png Goat Horn +5% attack damage; small item Found in Warlord Gold ChallengeWarlord Gold Challenge Terror's End, Subdungeon 1 1
Gorgon Ward.png Gorgward Makes you immune to Trait: Death-gaze Death-gaze. Small item. Subdungeon 18 50
LEMMISI.png LEMMISI(?) Reveals the entire map and poison the user upon activation. Subdungeon 18 20
Shop Scroll.PNG Long Rant Adds 3 layers of Corrosion to enemies on the same dungeon level. Subdungeon or Gaan'Telet 1 10
Mass09 Ledger.png Mass09 Ledger Use 1 gp to swap every monsters positions Subdungeon 1 35
Mystera Scripture.png Mystera Scripture Can be consumed to add +1 Max Mana Subdungeon 1 30
Meatloaf.png Nom Nom Can be consumed to add +1 HP per level, but it also poisons the user. Subdungeon 18 20
Ritual Scroll.png Ritual Scroll consume to add +5% resistances, +1 Max MP and +3 layers of curse Shop on Tinker Silver ChallengeTinker Silver Challenge Forging Ahead 13 20
Pepper the Dog.png Pepper the Dog Adds +10% base attack damage, can be consumed to make your next strike turn an enemy into an undead. Subdungeon or Priest Bronze Challenge 1 0
Witchalok Pendant.png Spider Amulet Adds +10 HP, but attempts to poison the user every time they level up. Subdungeon 2 20
Titan Guitar.png Titan Guitar Can be used to slow all monsters on the screen and give them Trait: Cowardly Cowardly. Destroys almost all walls on screen when it enters your inventory; if you prepare a Titan Guitar, it will destroy almost all walls in the dungeon. Subdungeon: Really Awesome Guitar 11 11
Tokoloshe Charm.png Tokoloshe Charm +5% magic resistance; small item Subdungeon, Dropped by Tokoloshe in Havendale Bridge 1 10
Wand of Binding.png Wand of Binding Instantly kills an enemy same as a Slayer Wand, but replaces it with an Animated Armor of the same level. NOTE: Even though it's lockerable it has NO CODEX ENTRY AS OF YET Subdungeon 5 10
Wisp Gem.png Wisp Gem +5% base damage; small item Subdungeon, various monsters in several dungeons drop them 1 10


Icon Name Description Obtaining Method Cost CP
Mage Plate.png ARMOUR.EXE Adds 20% phys resist Subdungeon: WIZARD.EXE 1 1
Amulet.png Amulet Gives 35 CP upon conversion from the ground. If picked up, spawns two enemies: Thrall.png Thrall, L9 & L1 (Trait: Mana Burn Mana Burn, Trait: Poisonous Poisonous, Trait: Undead Undead). Need to be careful since L9 could spawn right on top of the exit. Subdungeon: Teeth Teeth Teeth 15 35
Blade of Yin.png Blade of Yin Adds 3 base damage, can be consumed to grant Death Protection, small item Subdungeon: Yin and Yang 15 35
Essence Potion.PNG Essence Potion Drink to restore as much health and mana as you lost when you activated the altar in the subdungeon where it's found Subdungeon: Metal Spider Temple, touching the altar 15 50
Dragon Heart.png Dragon Heart Adds 3 HP every time you gain a level; convert to kill Draco enemy Subdungeon: Draco 1 5
Orb Of Lethar.png Orb of Lethar If the level boss is visible, this orb can be destroyed to slow it down. Crusader Bronze ChallengeCrusader Bronze Challenge The Ratlings 1 1
Orb of lusory.png Orb of Lusory Increases magic resistance by 50% when carried. Can be used to remove all Illusion minions from the dungeon. Cannot be lockered. Randomly found in the Dungeon: Halls of Steel Halls of Steel. Also in a subdungeon, but that one gives only 10% magic resistance and doesn't have a separate Codex Entry 25 10
Perseverance Badge.png Protect.EXE Can be consumed to add a layer of Death Protection; two charges; small item Subdungeon: WIZARD.EXE 1 1
Ritual of Midas.png Ritual of Midas This ritual scroll can be used to summon the Golden Mantle of Midas, enchanted with a unique protective power. Requires 80 gold to activate. Rogue Silver ChallengeRogue Silver Challenge Wrath of Midas 1 0
Druid Stick.png Sticky Stick Gives you Trait: Corrosive Corrosive. Cannot be lockered. Subdungeon 1 30
Tea.png Strange Mixture Gives you +10 Hp and +1 MP, and fully restores your health and mana. Subdungeon: Jadetooth 1 35
Piercing Wand.png Wand of Splosion Can only be used in the El Potion Loco Subdungeon (?) to kill everything for potions Subdungeon: El Potion Loco 13 n/a
Wall Cruncher.png Wall Cruncher Activate to destroy walls directly to the N, E, S and W of your position, small item Subdungeon 1 25
Whisper Charm.png Whisper Charm Adds +4% physical resistance Subdungeon 13 n/a
Yang's Sword.png Yang's Sword Adds +3 base damage, can be consumed to grant Death Protection; small item Subdungeon: Yin and Yang 15 35
Recipe Scroll.png Recipe Scroll You can read the instructions to plant combination recipes for the Vegetarian Vampire subdungeon Subdungeon: Vegetarian Vampire 1 1

Dungeon Boss Rewards

The following 6 items can be obtained by defeating tough bosses, and generally can't be found in dungeons otherwise. The Sensation Stone is a bit of an exception, in that it's obtained by killing an optional mini-boss and one can be found in the Tower of Gaan'Telet, but it's somewhat similar to the others. They can all be put into the Guild Locker.

Icon Name Description Obtaining Method Cost CP
Fabulous Treasure.png Fabulous Treasure This is amazing! You've never seen anything like it! Class Challenge: Thief Gold ChallengeThief Gold Challenge Deadly Shadows 95 1
Dragon Shield.png Dragon Shield +18% physical and magic resistance Dungeon boss reward: Dungeon: Dragon Isles Dragon Isles 23 100
Namtar's Ward.png Namtar's Ward Can be used once per character level to give yourself death protection at no extra cost. Dungeon boss reward: Dungeon: Namtar's Lair Namtar's Lair 50 100
Avatar's Codex.png Avatar's Codex Fireballs do +4 damage per level, set burning to maximum stacks, but makes gives each monster Retaliate:Fireball Dungeon boss reward: Dungeon: Demonic Library Demonic Library 35 50
Naga Cauldron.png Naga Cauldron Gives healing potions overheal, and increases health and mana potion effectiveness by 5% for every kind of debuff your character has (corrosion, weakening, curse, slow, poison and mana burn). Dungeon boss reward: Dungeon: Naga City Naga City 12 35
Sensation Stone.png Sensation Stone No inherent effect, but can be converted for 150 conversion points. Dropped by the Bridge Troll on the Dungeon: Havendale Bridge Havendale Bridge and the Cha'Dylan sub 25 150

Special Quest Items with Codex Entries:

Icon Name Description Obtaining Method Cost CP
Tea.png 'Tea' Adds a lot of debuffs to you upon drinking, but drinking it unlocks the Orcs in your kingdom. Subdungeon: Orc unlock subdungeon 0 n\a
Shop Scroll.PNG Gate Scroll +5 max health, click to read, unlocks Bazaar First dungeon after Bank unlocked 15 N/A
Philosopher's Stone.png Philosopher's Stone If you take it back to the kingdom it unlocks Alchemist After upgrading Bazaar to level 2, it starts spawning in shops until you buy it and take it out 25 N/A
Midas Mantle.png Midas Mantle Trait: Death Gaze Immune Death Gaze Immune Only appears in the Rogue Silver ChallengeRogue Silver Challenge Wrath of Midas. Required Item: Ritual of Midas Ritual of Midas to be activated for 80 gold. 100 N/A
StrengthPotion.png "Courage Juice" Reduces health to 1, adds Might, First Strike and +50% bonus experience against the next enemy. Only appears in the Goat Glade triple quests and the Berserker Silver Challenge 15 10

God Items with Codex Entries

These 5 items can only be obtained by worshiping Taurog (4) and Glowing Guardian (1). Glowing Guardian can change the prayer beads, but the activated form doesn't have a codex entry, and none of these items can be put in a guild locker.

Icon Name Description Obtaining Method Cost CP
Skullpicker.png Skullpicker Adds +5 base damage, and Taurog punishes you if you convert it. God boon: Taurog's Blade Taurog's Blade 0 60
Wereward.png Wereward Adds -5 damage reduction, and Taurog punishes you if you convert it God boon: Taurog's Shield Taurog's Shield 0 60
Gloat.png Gloat Adds +15% Magic Resistance, and Taurog punishes you if you convert it God boon: Taurog's Helm Taurog's Helm 0 60
Will.png Will Adds +15% Physical Resistance, and Taurog punishes you if you convert it God boon: Taurog's Armour Taurog's Armour 0 60
Prayer Bead.png Prayer Bead +1% magic resistance; small item; cannot be converted Received from Glowing Guardian from certain boons 0 n/a

Unlisted Items

These items do not appear in the Codex and thus do not count for its completion ratio.

Icon Item Description Method of Obtaining Cost CP
Sword.png Bargain Sword +2 base damage Shop (Bazaar level 0) 15 35
Perseverance Badge.png Bargain Badge +10% bonus damage Shop (Bazaar level 0) 14 25
Pendant of Mana.png Bargain Pendant +1 max mana Shop (Bazaar level 0) 13 25
Troll Heart.png Bargain Heart Gain +1 Max HP every time you level up (Bonus is not lost from converting this item) Shop (Bazaar level 0) 14 30

Conversion Fodder

Sometimes, players will want to obtain large amounts of conversion points to better leverage their racial bonus. There are many items well-known as "conversion fodder" that are relatively cheap and effective choices for this purpose. Generally speaking, conversion fodder items are considered to be those which offer more than 3 CP for every 1 GP spent. The following items are all considered conversion fodder:

Item: Bloody Sigil Bloody Sigil (5.6 CP / GP)
This double-edged item is good for low-level characters, but quickly becomes excess baggage for a high-level character. Fortunately, it has a great conversion value and is worth buying for no other purpose than to immediately convert it.

Item: Gloves of Midas Gloves of Midas (4.5 CP / GP)
In addition to offering a superb conversion ratio, this item can also be used to earn additional gold which can be used to purchase even more stuff. As a result, it is highly prized.

Item: Rock Heart Rock Heart (4.3 CP / GP)
The Rock Heart is a great tool for anyone with knockback damage, the Glyph: PISORF PISORF glyph or the Glyph: ENDISWAL ENDISWAL glyph. Once you're done with it, you can convert it for a windfall. For those without the ability to crush walls, it's still worthwhile just for conversion points.

Item: Viper Ward Viper Ward & Item: Soul Orb Soul Orb (4.06 CP / GP)
These superb items grant you immunity to dangerous afflictions, consume only a small item slot, and convert for large amounts of CP when you're done. They're one of the best conversion-fodder buys around.

Item: Balanced Dagger Balanced Dagger (3.67 CP / GP)
A very niche item, usually relegated to vicious-difficulty dungeons where higher-level kills are impractical or for players without mad level-catapult skills like the pros have. However, in other scenarios it makes a good conversion fodder item. With its small size, you can carry it around and use it for what it's worth, then convert it when you're done.

Item: Troll Heart Troll Heart (3.44 CP / GP)
The troll heart will slowly accrue bonus HP as you level up, and can be converted afterwards without losing those hit points. Given its high CP value, this is often a great deal.

Item: Crystal Ball Crystal Ball (3.33 CP / GP)
Given enough gold, the crystal ball can provide you several good mana spikes and can be converted afterward for good conversion value.

Item: Venom Dagger Venom Dagger (3.12 CP / GP)
A consolation prize for those seeking conversion points, the venom sword offers a reasonable amount for a reasonable price. The item itself isn't very useful otherwise, though.

Item: Alchemist Scroll Alchemist Scroll (3.07 CP / GP)
The rules for items like these can be confusing at times, but the alchemist scroll's bonus HP do not disappear when you convert it, meaning this item can be picked up on the cheap, used sparingly, then converted later without much risk.