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Glowing Guardian, patron of Holy Warriors, is one of the gods available for worshipping in Desktop Dungeon. Glowing Guardian may be worshipped by locating his altar in a dungeon (if it appears).

Initial Worship

If an altar of Glowing Guardian is found in the dungeon, and the hero is not yet worshipping any other god, it is possible to pray to Glowing Guardian.

Immediate effect

When first worshipping Glowing Guardian, several effects occur:

  • The hero's Current Health is restored to the hero's Maximum.
    • This effect is similar to that of leveling up: all Health is restored to its current maximum. If your hero is poisoned, the poison effect is removed.
    • This does not affect your hero's Mana, nor does it change his Maximum Health.
  • The BLUDTUPOWA Glyph is deactivated.
    • This effect occurs only if the hero already has BLUDTUPOWA, and the Glyph was active when joining Glowing Guardian.
    • Note that you will not be able to reactivate BLUDTUPOWA while worshipping Glowing Guarding.
  • Glowing Guardian will give you an amount of Piety points based directly on the amount of Health points you have lost so far during battles in this dungeon.
    • The exact mechanism of this effect is still unknown - I.E. how much piety is earned per health point lost.
    • Research info required: Does this only include health lost in battle? What about health loss from Vampire attacks?


Followers of Binlor Ironshield or The Earthmother may convert their religion to Glowing Guardian at the cost of piety. The hero will keep any bonuses or penalties bestowed upon him by the other god, but will not trigger Glowing Guardian's immediate effects as described above. You may convert by visiting Glowing Guardian's altar and asking to convert:

  • Conversion from Binlor Ironshield costs 35 piety.
  • Conversion from The Earthmother costs 35 piety.

It also is possible to convert your religion from Glowing Guardian to either Binlor Ironshield or The Earthmother, by locating their altars and asking for it. Your hero will keep any bonuses or penalties bestowed by Glowing Guardian.

  • Conversion to Binlor Ironshield costs 35 piety.
  • Conversion to The Earthmother costs 35 piety.


Glowing Guardian is the defender of Holy Warriors, and appreciates all noble and heroic behavior. He detests underhanded methods and the demonic arts, and his worst enemies are the Undead and other "foul" creatures.

The following actions will only change your Piety while worshipping Glowing Guardian. If you have not yet converted to Glowing Guardian, or have renounced your religion, you may perform these actions without triggering the listed effects.

Gaining Piety

Glowing Guardian will increase your Piety for performing the following actions:

  • Kill any of the following monsters: Wraith, Vampire, Zombie, Serpent, Imp, Warlock or Golem, which are of equal or higher level than your hero, or are finished off with BURNDAYRAZ: +1 Piety.
    • Killing any of the listed monsters will grant you +1 Piety. However, this effect will only trigger if the monster is of equal or higher level than your hero. Killing monsters of lower level than yourself, including the above types, will cause a loss of Piety (see below).
    • If any of the above monster types is ultimately killed with a hit from BURNDAYRAZ (regardless of the method used to bring the monster to a state where that last BURNDAYRAZ can kill it), this positive effect is triggered regardless of the monster's relative level.
  • Gain a level while worshipping Glowing Guardian: +3 Piety.
    • This is a straightforward bonus awarded for each level you win while worshipping the Guardian. The number of your new level, or the method you used to gain it, do not affect the amount of Piety awarded.
  • Kill a monster which is N levels higher than your hero's level: +N Piety.
    • The amount of piety acquired is equal to the difference in levels between your hero and the monster he has killed. For example, a level 1 hero killing a level 3 monster will be awarded +2 piety points (3-1=2).
    • Note that if the monster belongs to any of the hated types (see above), you will gain an extra point of piety as per that effect.
  • Become poisoned: +1 Piety.
    • You are awarded a single point of Piety whenever your hero becomes poisoned, from whichever source (normally, Serpents and Bandits).
    • You will gain a Piety point even if you were already poisoned at the time.
  • For each use of the HALPMEH glyph: +1 Piety.
    • You are awarded 1 point of Piety for each use of the HALPMEH glyph, whether or not your Health is already full.
  • For each use of the CYDSTEPP glyph: +2 Piety.
    • You are awarded 1 point of Piety for each use of the CYDSTEPP glyph, regardless of whether you already had "Protection from Killing Blow" before casting it.
  • Being "Saved from Death" during Melee combat: +1 Piety.
    • Each time you are hit in Melee combat by an attack that would kill you, but are kept at 1 point of health instead thanks to Death Protection (from any source, including CYDSTEPP, shop items, or even boons from other gods), you will gain 1 point of Piety.
  • Convert the BLUDTUPOWA glyph: +10 Piety
    • The Guardian dislikes "unholy magic" and will grant +10 Piety for converting BLUDTUPOWA.
    • This piety bonus only applies if the Glyph is converted while worshipping Glowing Guardian. If the Glyph was converted before joining, no bonus is awarded.

Losing Piety

Glowing Guardian will decrease your Piety for performing the following actions:

  • Kill a monster whose level is lower than yours with a Melee attack: -1 Piety.
    • If a monster of lower level is killed, Glowing Guardian will reduce your piety by 1 point. This only triggers if the killing blow was made by a Melee attack.
    • If the killing blow came from the use of the BURNDAYRAZ glyph, this penalty is ignored regardless of the monster's level.
  • Use any potion: -1 Piety.
    • For any potion you imbibe while worshipping Glowing Guardian, you will lose 1 point of Piety. Both Mana potions and Health potions trigger this effect.
  • Activate the BLUDTUPOWA glyph while worshipping Glowing Guardian: -20 Piety, BLUDTUPOWA is not activated.
    • If you ever try to activate BLUDTUPOWA while Glowing Guardian is worshipped, the Guardian will reduce your Piety by -20.
    • In addition, the BLUDTUPOWA Glyph is not activated.
    • Activating BLUDTUPOWA before joining Glowing Guardian does not circumvent this travesty, because it is automatically deactivated upon joining. The same goes for picking up BLUDTUPOWA after joining Glowing Guardian's religion.
  • Use the APHEELSIK Glyph or make any sort of poisoned attack: -10 Piety. Lose the Poison Attack ability.
    • Activation of the APHEELSIK glyph will cause a loss of 10 points of piety. Similarly, making a Melee attack while your hero has the Poison Attack ability, regardless of its source, will cause the same effect.
    • If the Poison ability came from an item, it is permanently removed. If it came from APHEELSIK, you suffer the -10 Piety and the glyph has no effect, but remains usable - it can be used again if Glowing Guardian is renounced.
    • Research info required: Please confirm about renouncing Glowing Guardian
  • Make an attack while your hero has the Lifesteal ability: Lose Lifesteal ability, Glowing Guardian renounces you.
    • If you make any Melee attack while your hero has any more than 0% Lifesteal ability, Glowing Guardian will automatically renounce you (preventing further piety gain or the use of his boons) and will not allow you to rejoin his religion.
    • In addition, you will lose your current Lifesteal ability entirely. However, it is possible to regain this ability through other gods (Dracul) and/or shop items later.
  • Convert the HALPMEH glyph while worshipping the Guardian: Glowing Guardian renounces you.
    • If while worshipping the Glowing Guardian you convert the HALPMEH glyph, the god will automatically renounce you (preventing further Piety gain or the use of his boons) and will not allow you to rejoin his religion.
  • "Drink" a blood-stain to regain health: -10 Piety.
    • The Vampire and Bloodmage possess the ability to "drink" the blood-stains left behind when monsters are slain to regain their Health. If they do so, Glowing Guardian will penalize them by -10 Piety points each time they drink up one bloodstain.


If any travesty is committed against Glowing Guardian that would drop Piety below 0, Glowing Guardian will immediately renounce you. This incurs the following effects:

  • Suspends all Piety gain immediately: no actions will gain you any Piety with the Guardian anymore.
  • The hero is still considered a member of Glowing Guardian's faith, so the negative effects (such as the loss of the ability to attack with Poison or APHEELSIK) still apply!
  • In addition, since you are still considered a member of his faith, you cannot simply go and join another god (as is possible when renouncing the Guardian through an item purchase).


Glowing Guardian has 3 boons to offer to his worshipers at the cost of Piety.


  • Restores your Health to the current Maximum.
  • Costs 50 Piety
    • This is the same effect that is automatically triggered the first time you join Glowing Guardian: your Health is restored to its current maximum. If your hero is poisoned, the poison effect is removed.
    • This does not affect your hero's Mana, nor does it change his Maximum Health.


  • Grants Protection from Death on the next killing blow.
  • Costs 50 Piety
    • This is the same as casting CYDSTEPP once: The next time a monster lands a blow that would otherwise kill you (by dropping your health to 0 or less, or otherwise as in Petrification and similar effects), your health is instead reduced to exactly 1 hit point, and you survive the combat round.
    • Once triggered, the Protection from Death effect disappears, as it normally does when acquired from other sources.


  • Increase Maximum Health by +1 point for every blood-stain currently visible.
    • On acquiring this boon, your hero's Maximum Health will increase by 1 point per visible blood-stain.
    • Blood-stains remain behind when a monster is killed. Some character classes (like the Bloodmage) can "clean-up" blood-stains for bonuses. Blood-stains already cleaned up in this manner do not count for the purpose of this boon.
    • Research info required: Does your current Health increase to match Max Health? Does it fill up to the brim, as in the Healing boon?


The Glowing Guardian is interesting in that he is one of the handful of gods who most people will get the best benefit out of worshipping as late as possible. Due to all the small modifiers to piety, it's unlikely for most characters that they will have enough piety to pick up Absolution (although paladins and warlords both stand a decent chance). His starting boon, on the other hand, can be used in the middle of fighting the boss to potentially win the game. By that point, most characters will have taken enough damage to immediately afterwards afford either Healing or Protection, whichever would help against the boss more. Even otherwise poor choices for accruing piety under the Glowing Guardian can make use of this tactic, although characters with a melee poison or life drain move should be cautious.

Specific Races

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