Lord Gobb

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Boss: Lord Gobb Lord Gobb
Boss: Lord Gobb
Normal Difficulty with Vicious Token
Attack 90 144
Health Points 318 636
105% Dungeon: Havendale Bridge
Attack 81 Health Points 924
110% Dungeon: Doubledoom
Attack 81 Health Points 924
120% Dungeon:Ick Swamp Dungeon: The Slime Pit Dungeon: Halls of Steel Dungeon: Naga City
Attack 81 Health Points 924
130% Dungeon: The Labyrinth Dungeon: Shifting Passages
Attack 81 Health Points 924
140% Dungeon: Grimm's Grotto Dungeon: Dragon Isles
Attack 81 Health Points 924

The Monster: Goblin Goblin Boss, Lord Gobb, has the added advantage of 20% physical and magic resistance. His Attack/HP scales with monsters (dependant on dungeon). This means that the Glyph: APHEELSIK APHEELSIK glyph has reduced effectiveness against him, and damage from all sources is reduced. This gives him an edge in any battle of attrition. There is literally no easy way to approach Gobb, but his resistance can be easily whittled down to nothing with a liberal use of Trait: Might Might or Item: Piercing Wand Piercing Wand or boons that reduce resistances.