07 Mar 11

IGF: Desktop Dungeons wins Excellence in Design

We did it! At this year’s Independent Games Festival awards (against all odds, expectations and core laws of existence) we managed to snag an award for Excellence in Design.

From left to right: Beardy McViking, Hatty “Fedora” Hat and Scary Drunkard. Also pictured: an award

Yeah, this all happened on Wednesday, but we’ve really really only just been able to spend enough quality time with our laptops to make this post right now (touring and pressing and marketing and celebrating takes its toll, yo).

We’d really like to thank the Desktop Dungeons community for playing Desktop Dungeons, liking Desktop Dungeons, occasionally hating Desktop Dungeons, writing about Desktop Dungeons and supporting a Desktop Dungeons victory despite the fact that Minecraft was almost certainly supposed to clean out all of the awards (which it very nearly did, by gum).

We’d also like to thank the other IGF nominees for providing us with endless fun and addiction whenever it looked like we were in danger of doing something useful instead. A special mention goes to Super Crate Box, which is possibly my favourite game of the festival and made the hour-long commute to San Francisco every day that much more bearable.

If y’all wanna see us embarrass ourselves on video, you can take a look at the awards ceremony video over at Gamespot — the Design nominations start at 14:00, followed by our acceptance babble.

7 Responses to “IGF: Desktop Dungeons wins Excellence in Design”

  1. Matwisto Says:

    and the goggles were cool.

  2. Justin C. Adams Says:

    You guys deserved it. I loved what you’ve done so far and hope to one day beat that goat. Good luck with the rest of the development!

  3. pakoito Says:

    Best speech ever LOL

  4. BrownBot Says:

    Congrats guys.

  5. JoeB Says:

    Congrats guys! Awesome awesome awesome… and love the speech! 🙂

  6. Jen Zee Says:

    Hello! Jen from Supergiant Games here 🙂 It was great meeting you guys (Rodain and Marc I believe?) at GDC! Congratulations on the well deserved award – I only wish I had gotten the opportunity to play a bit, but you had so many fans :). I FELL ILL after the first day, and it bothered me greatly that I didn’t realize until AFTER leaving GDC, that your QCF did, indeed stand for Quarter Circle Forward and not something less nerdy! How AMAZING! ANYWAY, random fact is random – Congrats once more and looking forward to playing once this download is finished ;D.

  7. Keith Burgun Says:

    I called this from day one. You deserve it, Rodain. Keep up the great work.


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