Damp Darkness

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Damp Darkness is set in a map similar to Shifting Passages, but without its special features of growing walls and changelings. The monsters are Bloo Goo, Djinn, Golem, Dancing Blade, and Imp. The boss is a level 10 Djinn. Since so many monsters blink, blackspace will run out quickly.

The dungeon will have two altars; Jehora Jeheyu Icon.png Jehora Jeheyu, Glowing Guardian Icon.png Glowing Guardian, and Binlor Ironshield Icon.png Binlor Ironshield are possible. Shops appear but Bazaar preps are not available.


This has worked at least one time. I took a Gnome, prepped Bear Mace.png Bear Mace and Flame Magnet, worshiped Jehora Jeheyu early, and used his guaranteed WEYTWUT.png WEYTWUT to position the boss at one end of a very long wall. Took one shot each of Boost Health and Boost Mana. Ran out of blackspace at level 5 and fireballed him a couple times, since my health was too low to hit him. Mid-fight leveled to 6 and fireballed a couple more times. Took Chaos Avatar to level to 7, hit him once, and used PISORF.png PISORF until he died, glugging gnomish mana potions along the way.

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