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Disposable is a badge earned by taking on an odd-job in any dungeon, including Curious ones. Disposable dungeons are identical to their regular/curious counterparts with two big exceptions:

1. You are forced to play as a human guard, a class with no special abilities whatsoever.

2. You are given a varying number of unconvertible items that introduce unique, often detrimental new mechanics into your run as well as a scroll (worth 0 cp but convertable) explaining the items' effects and some backstory.

While you can take on any curious dungeon alongside disposable, the curious dungeons have the same disposable item set and share completion with their regular counterparts so there's not much reason to unless you simply want a challenge, and sometimes this combination will simply be impossible (such as in Hobbler's Hold).

List of Dungeons

Dungeon Disposable Item(s) Summary

Dungeon: Hobbler's Hold Hobbler's Hold

Low-level Qualifications

Spoon of Trials (small)

Spoon of Trials: +1 base damage, but you instantly die upon reaching level 5.

Dungeon: Venture Cave Venture Cave

Collection of Alms

Greedy Gloves (large), Steward's Sigil (small)

Greedy Gloves: Base monster exp (exp before bonuses) is converted into gold

Steward's Sigil: Monsters reward piety equal to their level, but level ups only give you half of their normal stat increase

Dungeon: Den of Danger Den of Danger

Tiresome Trial

Binding Bead (small), Sapping Sword (large)

Binding Bead: Every exp-giving kill restores 2 mana, but you gain exhausted when damaged and your mana is set to 0 on level up

Sapping Sword: Adds 1 lifesteal, but caps health regen at 1 per tile and sets health to 1 on level up

Dungeon: Northern Desert Northern Desert

Magical Misery

Warding Pendant (small), Channeler's Ring (large)

Warding Pendant: Fireball casts grant a layer of stoneskin, but permanently buff the target's magic resist by 10%

Channeler's Ring: Adds +1 fireball damage per level, but adds 1 weakening after every melee strike

Dungeon: Eastern Tundra Eastern Tundra


Blasphemer's Collar (large)

Blasphemer's Collar: You're immune to punishment from altar desecration, but receive a temporary punishment (one level, different from their normal punishments) from a new god after every level up

Dungeon: Southern Swamp Southern Swamp

Walk in the Swamp

Pepper the Pup (large), Disguise Beard (large)

Pepper the Pup: You gain +10% damage, but monsters cannot be moved and temporarily gain the debuff traits of all monsters adjacent to the player

Disguise Beard: You get 5 XP when you start the dungeon, but if you receive a second instance of the same debuff, you die instantly

Dungeon: Western Jungle Western Jungle

Spirited Swordplay

Sept-Saber (large), Bewitched Blade (large)

Sept-Saber: Gives you +7 base damage, but degenerates by 1 every attack (and can go negative) and can be restored via potion use (+5 damage per potion up to the original 7 total)

Bewitched Blade: Adds +30% to your damage bonus, but halves all outgoing damage if you don't have full mana

Dungeon: Grimm's Grotto Grimm's Grotto

Desperate Measures

Torn Fabric (small)

Torn Fabric: Acts as a Mass09 ledger, letting you pay 1 gold to shuffle all monsters, but all foes gain 50% lifesteal, shroud on any monster's death, and cannot be revealed indirectly (such as through LEMMISI)

Dungeon: Doubledoom Doubledoom

Monster in the Mirror

Illusion Scroll (small)

Illusion Scroll: Gives your character the ability to change into enemies you kill, granting different bonuses depending on the enemy, but severely decreases your base stats (-5 health per level, -5 mana, -50% attack bonus)

Dungeon: Rock Garden Rock Garden

Rock-Hard Resistance

Nullfying Wand

Nullifying Wand: Fireballs and melee strikes reduce monster resists by 9%, but cannot deal damage of types opposite resistance or lower resists by other means.

Dungeon: Creeplight Ruins Creeplight Ruins

Two Feet Under

Orb of Undeath

Orb of Undeath: You probably shouldn't mess with this thing. Grants death protection on pick up and level up instead of typical stat gains. First death protection loss revives the holder in an undead form which switches on level up.

Dungeon: Hexx Ruins Hexx Ruins

Passable Experience

Kingslayer's Edge

Kingslayer's Edge: Far less cool than it sounds. Grants 2 bonus experience whenever you kill a same-level, experience-valuable enemy. Prevents targeting lower level enemies, but allows the wielder to path over them.

Dungeon: Havendale Bridge Havendale Bridge

Guitar Hero

Ghostly Guitar

Ghostly Guitar: Legend goes the previous owner of this guitar spent their life trying to destroy it, for the good of the world. Plays automatically on level up, leveling up all enemies. Also never shuts up.

Dungeon: Shifting Passages Shifting Passages

Taking Hearts

Rock Heart, Fire Heart, Spirit Heart

Rock Heart: As normal

Fire Heart: As normal

Spirit Heart: Romantic AND relaxing! Doubles mana regeneration in exchange for all health regeneration and 2 fireball damage per level.

Dungeon: Halls of Steel Halls of Steel

Sapphire Squire

Sapphire Helm(?)

Sapphire Helm(?): This dubious artefact might be a legendary item. Or just garbage. Prevents health gain on level up, gives +1 damage, +1 mana, and -1 BURNDAYRAZ damage per level, but grants DP on every monster kill.

Dungeon: Ick Swamp Ick Swamp

Going Green

Gardening Shears

Gardening Shears: A tool lost to history, brought back for your inconvenience. Offers +4 base damage, but killing plants adds their harmful seeds to your inventory.

Dungeon: The Labyrinth The Labyrinth

Tectonic Tango

The Earthshaker

The Earthshaker: Even lifting this mace causes the ground to quake dangerously. Grants +100% knockback over infinite range, in exchange for -200% attack, and spawns walls in spaces knocked through.

Dungeon: Cursed Oasis Cursed Oasis

Sweating Blood

Bag O' Illusions, Soul of Suffering

Bag O' Illusions: A terrifying tool definitely not for novices. Click to cast a random spell at full cost. Spells do not repeat. Refills on level up if empty, kills the user if not empty.

Soul of Suffering: The soul of a very upset dragon, solidified. Gives a 30% chance to cast spells for no cost, but damages user for double spells' costs on cast.

Dungeon: Berserker Camp Berserker Camp

Stress Relief

Berserker Sigil

Berserker Sigil: Non-berserkers lose 100% damage from this tattoo. Gives +3 health regen, +5 health, doubles spell costs, and grants +10% damage on attacking same level targets to a max of 100%, resetting on kill.

Dungeon: The Slime Pit The Slime Pit

Trickle-Down Demolition

World Cruncher, Demolition Badge

World Cruncher: An explosive city-destroying tool. Extra fun! Cannot be manually activated, but detonates violently on level up, destroying the surrounding area.

Demolition Badge: Certifies that you are qualified to hold a certification qualifying you to blow stuff up. +10% damage, fireballs hit enemies orthogonal to the target.

Dungeon: Magma Mines Magma Mines

Corrosive Circumstances

Twisted Fingers

Twisted Fingers: Warning: may cause death. +1 corrosive strike and globally corrodes scaling with player level, but damage cannot exceed twice a foe's corrosion.

Dungeon: Tower of Gaan-Telet Tower of Gaan-Telet

Beta Testing

Spoon of Heroes

Spoon of Heroes: This materialization of the Kingdom's might transcends even its culinary form. Going beyond +1 BD, it offers a balanced set of three random traits from different classes.

Dungeon: Vicious Steel Vicious Steel


Sapphire Helm, Rod of Binding

Sapphire Helm: Still garbage. Prevents stat gain on level up, gives +1 mana, +2 damage, +5 health, and -1 BURNDAYRAZ damage per level, but grants infinitely stackable DP on every monster kill.

Rod of Binding: This reusable wand encases its target in magical armor, granting player level experience. Recharges on level up. Really quite cruel.

Dungeon: Demonic Library Demonic Library

Trial by Fire

Attuned Codex

Attuned Codex: The Avatar's demonic tome, attuned to the summoning ritual. Grants heavy fireball and maximizes burning as usual. It hungers for the blood of the demon lords.

Dungeon: Namtar's Lair Namtar's Lair

Final Destination

Abyssal Ward

Abyssal Ward: Perhaps the greatest item in existence. Grants death protection on pickup. On activation, grants death protection, 4 stoneskin, resistant, might, and experience boost. Apparently wards off the Underworld.

Dungeon: Naga City Naga City

The Heist

Champion's Cauldron, Amulet of Dragons

Champion's Cauldron: The witch modified this cauldron to offer a base +60% potion effectiveness, that debuffs increase further, and dispense two health and mana potions on level up. Horribly sacrilegious.

Amulet of Dragons: Although unsmashable, this amulet imbues evolutionary power to the wearer at a great cost. -20% XP required per level, but lose regen and stat refill on level up. Sure to enrage Naga.

Dungeon: Dragon Isles Dragon Isles

The Third Act

Scintillating Scale

Uncovered on a previous visit to these isles and stored in a deep vault in the Guild, this incredible dragon scale regularly shifts colors and effects, but always provides +18% resist all.

Dungeon: Vicious Gaan-Telet Vicious Gaan-Telet

Pleased to Meet You

Sealed Journal, Spoon of Heroes

Sealed Journal: A worn tome covered in arcane sigils that seal the secrets within. Click to read available entries and review their effect on the reader.

Spoon of Heroes: This materialization of the Kingdom's might transcends even its culinary form. Going beyond +1 BD, it offers a balanced set of three random traits from different classes.

Ancient Scrapyard

Tripartate Transcendence

Sentience Sphere

Sets the level threshold to 999 XP. Gains one charge on each XP valuable kill. Click to consume all charges, gaining +1 BURNDAYRAZ damage per charge, +1 max mana per charge, and a flat +1 mana regen per tile. Can be used up to 3 times.

Hidden Workshop

Back to Basics

Gaia Goop

The primordial ooze constantly ebbs and flows over your skin. Grants 75% knockback and death-gaze, but -2 base damage per level and enemies within 2 spaces of each other become Immune.

Oasis Town




Flooded Foundry




Lekon's Table




Deadman's Pass

Tiring Trek

Worn Stick, Maddening Map

Worn Stick: Effective until it isn't. +2 base damage and fifteen times health regeneration per level, but every tile revealed permanently reduces regeneration by 1.

Maddening Map: 17% legible. Puzzle at it on pickup and once per level to reveal a nearby portion of the map without losing regeneration or regenerating.

Everfrost Peak




Frigid Battlefield




Troll Laboratory




Phantom Citadel




Endless Blizzard




Goblin Settlement

Preliminary Panther

5 Training Treasures

This is amazing! You've never seen anything like it! (Each treasure is worth 999 gold and provides a random item's effect which switches on kill)

Forsaken Temple

Wire Puller

Soul Stitch

Can be threaded into same or lower level monsters to make them attack adjacent targets. Replaces attack with same or lower level swap.

Shadow Bog




Exile's Path




Abandoned Nest