Western Jungle

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Western Jungle Big.png
Western Jungle.png

The jungles to the west claim almost all who wander into them. Only the strongest warriors seem to stand a chance here.

Monster difficulty is 100%.

The Western Jungle is the first dungeon on the western side of the map. The map is narrow, with a large body of water on two sides of the map. Tight passages blocked by monsters make navigation difficult. The boss of the Western Jungle is the Monster: Druid Druid Getandafix (Attack 75, Health 477, Blinks, Magical Attack, Spawn Plants:10). In addition to teleporting to a random part of the dungeon he also creates several Mysterious Murkshades plants whenever he is struck. Being immune to mana burn, or else planning your level-ups carefully to clear the affliction, is preferable. Due to the teleporting boss you will need to have explored most, if not all, of the dungeon before fighting him otherwise you risk him teleporting into unexplored territory.