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There are a lot of things that need to be unlocked in DD.


For all unlocks that involve finding something in a dungeon run, you are required to leave the dungeon alive. You do not have to win, and the item will not be unlocked if you die.


Human: unlocked by default



Halfling: Found in a sub dungeon. You have to give the halfling a health potion.

Gnome: Found in a sub dungeon. You have to give the gnome a mana potion.

Orc: Search Western Dungeons for sub dungeon with Orc who will have you drink a potion.(Note Western Jungle seems to ALWAYS give Taurog sub dungeon until completed, so Druid's Grove may be ideal if you do not want to unlock Taurog).

Goblin: Search Southern Dungeons for a sub dungeon with a Goblin who wants money.(Note Southern Swamp seems to ALWAYS give Tikki Tooki sub dungeon until completed, so Hexx Ruins may be ideal if you do not want to unlock Tikki Tooki).


Fighter: Guild lvl 1

Berzerker: Guild lvl 2

Warlord: Guild lvl 3

Wizard: Mage Tower lvl 1

Sorcerer: Mage Tower lvl 2

Bloodmage: Mage Tower lvl 3

Priest: Church lvl 1

Monk: Church lvl 2

Paladin: Church lvl 3

Thief: Thieves' Den lvl 1

Rogue: Thieves' Den lvl 2

Assassin: Thieves' Den lvl 3

Tinker: Found in sub dungeon enclosed by walls (Requires Alchemist unlocked)

Crusader: sub dungeon in [location] after unlocking all 9 Gods, requires 100 piety with any god

Transmuter: Found in sub dungeon randomly. Unknown if any pre-req

Monster Classes

Half-Dragon: Requires completing Dragon Isle with 3 classes

Gorgon: Requires completing Naga City with 3 classes

Vampire: Requires completing Halls of Steel(Vicious) with 3 classes

Goat: not yet added


Wraiths: Unlock Berserker Class

Goo Blob: Unlock Warlord Class

Gorgon: Unlock Rogue Class

Bandit: Unlock Assassin Class

Serpent: Unlock Monk Class

Dragon Spawn: Unlock Paladin Class

Goat: Unlock Sorcerer Class

Golem: Unlock Bloodmage Class


Glowing Guardian: Found in the East (sub dungeon with path and 3 zombies of increasing level)

Dracul: Found in the East (Sub dungeon with your clone, you are locked in) (prerequisite: glowing guardian)

Mystera: Found in the North (Sub dungeon with 999 hp dragon, creative use of magic will get you past him)

Jehora Jeheyu: Found in the North (Sub dungeon has imps and an alter, you will need ENDISWAL to escape) (prerequisite: mystera)

Taurog: Found in the West (Sub dungeon.. large room with taurog alter at the center)

Binlor: Found in the West (Sub dungeon small room surround in walls, smash walls to find alter)(prerequisite: taurog)

Tikki Tooki: Found in the South (Sub dungeon with reviving enemy, unlocked by killing all forms without taking a hit)

Earthmother: Found in the South (Sub dungeon filled with plants)

Pactmaker: Found anywhere(Sub dungeon giant room with alter in the middle, touch alter with all other gods unlocked to unlock) (prerequisite: Unlock any god)