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There are a lot of things that need to be unlocked in DD.


For all unlocks that involve finding something in a dungeon run, you are required to leave the dungeon alive. You do not have to win, and the item will not be unlocked if you die.

This page is still under heavy construction, as are many of the pages it links to.


Human: Human Settlement. Starting race.

Elf: Elf Settlement. Found via quest progression.

Dwarf: Dwarf Settlement. Found via quest progression.

Halfling: Halfling Settlement. Found in a sub dungeon. Will join if given a health potion.

Gnome: Gnome Settlement. Found in a sub dungeon. Will join if given a mana potion.

Orc: Search Western Dungeons for sub dungeon with Orc who will have you drink a potion.

Goblin: Search Southern Dungeons for a sub dungeon with a Goblin who wants money (20 gold).


Fighter: Guild lvl 1

Berserker: Guild lvl 2

Warlord: Guild lvl 3

Wizard: Mage Tower lvl 1

Sorcerer: Mage Tower lvl 2

Bloodmage: Mage Tower lvl 3

Priest: Church lvl 1

Monk: Church lvl 2

Paladin: Church lvl 3

Thief: Thieves' Den lvl 1

Rogue: Thieves' Den lvl 2

Assassin: Thieves' Den lvl 3

Tinker: Found in sub dungeon enclosed by walls (Requires Alchemist unlocked)

Crusader: Found in a sub dungeon after unlocking all 9 Gods, requires 100 piety with any god

Transmuter: Found in a sub dungeon randomly. Unknown if any pre-req

Chemist: Found in a sub dungeon, requires destroying the walls for an item.

Monster Classes

Half-Dragon: Requires completing Dragon Isles with 3 classes

Gorgon: Requires completing Naga City with 3 classes

Vampire: Requires completing Halls of Steel(Vicious) with 3 classes

Goatperson: Upgrade the Goat Glade added with the Goatperson DLC

Rat Monarch: Requires completing Demonic Library with 3 classes


Wraith: Unlock Berserker Class

Goo Blob: Unlock Warlord Class

Gorgon: Unlock Rogue Class

Bandit: Unlock Assassin Class

Serpent: Unlock Monk Class

Dragon Spawn: Unlock Paladin Class

Goat: Unlock Sorcerer Class

Golem: Unlock Bloodmage Class


Glowing Guardian: Found in the East (sub dungeon with path and 3 Zombies of increasing level)

Dracul: Found in the East (Sub dungeon with your clone, you are locked in) (prerequisite: Glowing Guardian)

Mystera Annur: Found in the North (Sub dungeon with 999 hp dragon, creative use of magic will get you past him)

Jehora Jeheyu: Found in the North (Sub dungeon has imps and an alter, you will need ENDISWAL to escape) (Requires Mystera)

Taurog: Found in the West (Sub dungeon.. large room with Taurog altar at the center)

Binlor: Found in the West (Sub dungeon small room surround in walls, smash walls to find alter)(Requires Taurog)

Tikki Tooki: Found in the South (Sub dungeon with reviving enemy, unlocked by killing all forms without taking a hit) (Requires The Earthmother)

Earthmother: Found in the South (Sub dungeon filled with plants)

Pactmaker: Found anywhere (Sub dungeon giant room with alter in the middle, touch alter with all other gods unlocked to unlock) (prerequisite: Unlock any god)


Hexx Ruins: Defeat Southern Swamp

Ick Swamp: Find Naga sub dungeon after completing Hexx Ruins at least once.

Naga City: Complete Ick Swamp

The Labyrinth: Defeat Western Jungle

Dragon Isles: Defeat The Labyrinth

Halls of Steel(Hard): Defeat Creeplight Ruins

Halls of Steel(Vicious): Defeat Halls of Steel(Hard) with 4 classes

Namtar's Lair: Defeat Halls of Steel(Hard)

Shifting Passages: Defeat Northern Desert

Demonic Library: Defeat Shifting Passages

Tower of Gaan-Telet(Hard): Opened by quest progression in game and getting one of every trophy.

Tower of Gaan-Telet(Vicious): Opened by completing Tower of Gaan-Telet(Hard)

Kingdom Buildings

Bazaar lvl 1: Buy Portal scroll and exit the level without dying.

Bazaar lvl 2: Quest Reward, buy all shops in a single run

Bank lvl 1: Complete Dangerous Investments and Venture Capital

Bank lvl 2: Complete

Witch lvl 1: Eastern Tundra sub dungeon. You have to gather 5 items from killing plants

Witch lvl 2: 600 gold

Alchemist lvl 1: Buy Philosopher's stone and exit the level without dying.

Alchemist lvl 2: 1200 gold

Alchemist lvl 3: 1200 gold

Explorer's Guild: City Expansion quest reward

Tavern: City Expansion quest reward

Taxidermist: Taxidermy quest reward

Human Settlement: Default

Guild lvl 1: Default

Guild lvl 2: 1,000 gold, requires Guild lvl 1

Guild lvl 3: 2,000 gold, requires Guild lvl 2

Mage Tower lvl 1: 150 gold, requires Taxidermy quest completion

Mage Tower lvl 2: 1,000 gold, requires Mage Tower lvl 1

Mage Tower lvl 3: 2,000 gold, requires Mage Tower lvl 2

Church lvl 1: 150 gold, requires Taxidermy quest completion

Church lvl 2: 1,000 gold, requires Church lvl 1

Church lvl 3: 2,000 gold, requires Church lvl 2

Thieves' Den lvl 1: 150 gold, requires Taxidermy quest completion

Thieves' Den lvl 2: 1,000 gold, requires Thieves' Den lvl 1

Thieves' Den lvl 3: 2,000 gold, requires Thieves' Den lvl 2

Blacksmith lvl 1: 200 gold, requires Thieves' Den lvl 1, Mage Tower lvl 1, or Church lvl 1

Blacksmith lvl 2: 600 gold

Blacksmith lvl 3: 1250 gold

Elven Camp: City Expansion quest reward

Elven Settlement: 200 gold, requires Elven Camp

Dwarven Camp: City Expansion quest reward

Dwarven Settlement: 200 gold, requires Dwarven Camp

Gnome Camp: Find the Gnomes quest reward

Gnome Settlement: 500 gold, requires Gnome Camp

Halfling Camp: Find the Halflings quest reward

Halfling Settlement: 500 gold, requires Halfling Camp

Goat Glade: 3000 Gold, requires Special Edition (or Goatperson DLC) content, and having unlocked 4 Altars.

Kingdom Preparations

Shop Scroll: Bazaar lvl 2

Apothecary: Bazaar lvl 2

Black Market: Thieves' Den lvl 2

Bet on the Boss: Thieves' Den lvl 2

Smuggler Den: Thieves' Den lvl 3

Patches the Teddy: Thieves' Den lvl 3

3-Slot Locker: Guild lvl 2

6-Slot Locker: Guild lvl 3

7 8 & 9-Slot Locker: Purchased from lvl 3 Bank individually

Magnet Fire: Mage Tower lvl 2

Extra Glyphs: Mage Tower lvl 2

Fewer Glyphs: Mage Tower lvl 2

Extra Boosters: Mage Tower lvl 3

Guaranteed God: Church lvl 2

Extra Altar: Church lvl 3 (requires all 9 gods)

Expanded Potion Kit: Witch

Sword: Blacksmith lvl 1

Shield: Blacksmith lvl 1

Bear Mace: Blacksmith lvl 2

Perseverance Badge: Blacksmith lvl 2

Slayer's Wand: Blacksmith lvl 2

Really Big Sword: Blacksmith lvl 3

Compression Seal: Alchemist lvl 1

Transmutation Seal: Alchemist lvl 1

Translocation Seal: Alchemist lvl 2

Vicious Token: Oh, Horatio! quest


Item: Whurrgarbl Whurrgarbl: Berserker Silver

Item: Trisword Trisword: Warlord Silver

Item: Gloves of Midas Gloves of Midas: Rogue Silver

Item: Agnostic Collar Agnostic Collar: Paladin Silver

Item: Blue Bead Blue Bead: Sorcerer Silver

Item: Venom Dagger Venom Dagger: Assassin Silver

Item: Vampiric Blade Vampiric Blade: Bloodmage Silver

Item: Martyr Wraps Martyr Wraps: Monk Silver

Item: Witchalok Pendant Witchalok Pendant: Halflings Ho! quest

Item: Fire Heart Fire Heart: Ice and Fury quest

Item: Mage Plate Mage Plate: Wizard Silver

Item: Battlemage Ring Battlemage Ring: Minecraft quest

Item: Hero's Helm Hero's Helm: Confidence quest

Item: Crystal Ball Crystal Ball: From completing quest to win Den of Danger with second tier classes.

Item: Soul Orb Soul Orb: Hello, gnomes! puzzle pack

Item: Viper Ward Viper Ward: Hello, halflings! puzzle pack

Item: Dragon Soul Dragon Soul: Bonus Bravery: Oasis quest

Item: Rock Heart Rock Heart: Bonus Bravery: Slime Pit quest


The Steam version of Desktop Dungeons has Achievements. These do not unlock anything, and are not present in other versions of Desktop Dungeons.