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Animated Armour
Desktop Dungeon Monster
Alpha AnimatedArmour.png
Attack 160%
Health 1
Abilities Death protection (1 point per level)
Unlocked by Unlock the Factory dungeon
Notes Only found in Factory

The animated armour is a rare monster exclusive to the Factory bonus dungeon. They are dangerous opponents that take a specific amount of hits to bring down. This amount is equal to n + 1 where n is the level of animated armour.


  • Health: 1
  • Damage: 160%
  • Protection from death equal to their level


Each animated armour will take a specific number of hits to bring down, regardless of your own attack power or what method you use to deliver these attacks. To make matters worse, their attacks are the strongest you'll find from non-boss monsters, so a prolonged battle is suicidal. However, it is perfectly viable to hit them once, be it with a rogue's sword, a BURNDAYRAZ glyph, or a Mystera Annur-blessed poke, and then explore more to regenerate and repeat. Animated armours never replenish their death protection, so once it's depleted, a single hit will do them in. The result of this is that if you have a method of avoiding their attacks (Namely BURNDAYRAZ or CYDSTEPP), you can easily abuse the Level Catapult system to gain several levels at once with little effort. If you can manage to get a Mana Shield (either by playing the Sorcerer or worshipping Jehora Jeheyu) you can steal them two "Life Points" at a time. Combined with the CYDSTEPP Glyph this is also a good method to beat them.

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