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Suggested Races Human, Gnome
Tier 3 (Expert)
Unlocked By Defeat Normal dungeon using Berserker
Rewards for completion CYDSTEPP available to all classes

Unlocks Half-dragon class (by clearing Library)

Skills Defiant - start with the CYDSTEPP glyph

Determined - +30% bonus damage when health is below half
Courageous - drinking a mana potion causes next attack to do +30% damage (not cumulative)

The warlord is one of the classes in Desktop Dungeons. It is unlocked by clearing the normal dungeon as a Berserker. Warlords are bold fighters that fight their hardest when their life is on the line and make the best use of their potions.


  • Defiant - start with the CYDSTEPP glyph
  • Determined - +30% bonus damage when health is below half
  • Courageous - drinking a mana potion causes next attack to do +30% damage (not cumulative)

General Strategy

The Warlord can be an extremely powerful class if played right. This is specifically because he comes equipped with the CYDSTEPP glyph, which is one of the most powerful glyphs in the game. The most important general tip for playing a Warlord is to immediately cast CYDSTEPP at the start of the dungeon, then keep your eye on your mana: when your mana hits 10 again, you effectively have two extra hits in combat. Engage with an enemy—once the game tells you you're going to die, hit the monster again. You'll be saved from the deathblow. Then cast CYDSTEPP again and hit the enemy one more time. Getting two extra hits in will ensure that you can easily defeat monsters that are 1, 2, and sometimes 3 levels above you. This tactic even works for Gorgons. Given their low base HP you can easily take out a high-level Gorgon if your attack bonus is high enough.

Race and Deity Choices

Play Warlord either as a Human or as a Gnome. As a human you will boost your strength, which is always good, but as a Gnome you'll get a big load of Mana Potions, not only boosting your power for one hit, but as well regenerate your mana for further CYDSTEPP uses.

Regarding Deity you have only a few choices. Taurog, Jehora Jeheyu, Mystera Annur, and to a lesser extent, Binlor Ironshield aren't really that viable. Dracul's high risk, high reward style can be useful since you'll be low on health a lot of the time anyway, and the life drain ensures that you can go a bit longer without having to recast CYDSTEPP. The Pactmaker, as always, is a good option, and the Mana boon means an extra CYDSTEPP before you die, which is always welcome.

Challenge Modes

Snake Pit

Don't go for Nagas unless you can kill them in one hit without retail. Instead go for Gorgons 1-3 Levels above (which is easy with CYDSTEPP) until you're around level 7. At that point you can start fighting Medusa, using the low-level Serpents and Nagas for midfight leveling. Afterwards use your many Mana Potions to outlast Jormungandr.


What you need is to find either the BLUDTUPOWA glyph or the APHEELSIK glyph, either of which will make this level much easier. This means postponing the attempt until after the relevant classes have been unlocked. With BLUDTUPOWA, you'll be conserving a lot of dungeon tiles by not regenerating your health when it isn't required - just get mana for CYDSTEPP, and you might be able to take on high-level monsters by outlasting them. With APHEELSIK, hit a high-level monster, poison it, then walk away to regenerate either enough mana to cast CYDSTEPP or enough health to make a safe strike. This works exactly the same for both bosses, though you may want the help of midfight leveling.

If you get both BLUDTUPOWA and APHEELSIK, you're set for a fun ride. Better still, with both BLUDTUPOWA and the Venom Blade, as long as you have enough unexplored tiles it will be hard to lose.

Choosing an Elf for this task may be a good idea, because you'll need more mana capacity. For the same reason, items and gods that increase mana capacity (especially Pactmaker) should be located as early as possible.


This dungeon is surprisingly easier for the Warlord than most other characters. You might be able to complete it without any god or glyph other than BURNDAYRAZ (and of course CYDSTEPP). If you find the fireball early, take out the highest-level Animated Armor you can find, and along the way you can probably dispatch some Golems and Meat men of 1-2 levels higher than you are. You should reach level 7-8 rather early. Set up some midfight levelings and take out the Iron Man by CYDSTEPPing him repeatedly. Try not to waste any potions. After he's dead, set up another midfight level-up, and make sure you've got a fair amount of tiles left to explore. Attack the Super Meat Man, CYDSTEPPing repeatedly. Level-up once you're out of health and mana. Next time you run out of both health and mana, start exploring carefully, just enough to bring either your health above the Super Meat Man's attack, or your mana above 10 for another CYDSTEPP. Eventually you'll run out of tiles, which is the point where you start using your potions for the same purpose - health potions first, then mana potions for CYDSTEPPs. The Super Meat Man will not be able to withstand this.

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