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Suggested Races Human
Tier 2 (Advanced)
Unlocked By Defeat Normal dungeon using Fighter
Rewards for completion Unlocks Warlord class
Skills Bloodlust - +30% damage against higher level monsters

Spellkill - 50% magic resistance
Mageslay - skills cost +2 mana, attack +30%

The berserker is one of the classes in Desktop Dungeons. It is unlocked by clearing the normal dungeon as a Fighter. Berserkers make for great physical fighters that resist magic and can keep the pace with high-level monsters, although they make for poor magic users.


  • Bloodlust - +30% damage against higher level monsters
  • Spellkill - 50% magic resistance
  • Mageslay - skills cost +2 mana, attack +30%

General Strategy

Due to his skills, the Berserker is basically a physical powerhouse against magic attackers. Basically you should try to kill as many high level (magic) monsters to use Bloodlust to the fullest. Especially against the bosses the 30% extra damage are useful. Since the Berserker has +2 skill cost, it is a viable option to ditch fireballs, HALPMEH or CYDSTEPP to convert them for better use. Cheaper glyphs, like GETINDARE or BYSSEPS, on the other hand, may still find some use for berserkers.

Race and Deity Choices

Regarding race it is up to your choice, whether you want to power his strength as a Human or to boost his endurance as a Dwarf or a Halfling. Since the Berserker has no reliable source of recovery, Goblin is a good choice for midfight leveling.

Taurog and berserkers go together like bread and butter. Granted, the Mageshield boon is wasted on them, but the other boons just fit berserkers too well to pass up. Given a choice between Taurog and any other god, go with Taurog. Similarly, Binlor Ironshield makes a decent choice, since a good amount of physical resistance complements your existing magic resistance nicely. Mystera Annur should be avoided at all costs. Jehora Jeheyu is another good choice, since you can get plenty of mileage out of his abilities and you probably don't need the buffs he hates. The other gods fit into their usual situations, so go with whatever non-Taurog choice is most pleasing.

Challenge Modes

Snake Pit

Use an Goblin Berserker and get Taurog (or another powerboosting Deity) early on and start slaying Gorgons 1-3 levels above you to level up fast. Avoid fighting with Nagas of equal or higher level, since their weakening ability can be really annoying. Also don't get poisoned by a Serpents, unless there is a level up in sight to make up for it. Conserve your Glyphs for the boss fights. When you reach level 7 you can start taking on Medusa. You should be able to kill her in a few hits, just keep your health at max with a level up or potions. Afterwards you can use your (hopefully) stocked potions to outlast Jormungandr.


Your aim is to build up power as soon as possible. Get to an altar of Taurog and start hacking away, although you can also get some good mileage out of Glowing Guardian. With clever tile regeneration management you can easily kill monsters 1-2 levels above you. Especially Wraiths will help you level up, since their defense boost is canceled out by your Bloodlust and mana burn doesn't really scare you. If you have one of the aforementioned gods as your friend you can start at around level 6-7 to go for the bosses. Start with the Tormented One, as he will go down faster. Regenerate with potions and level ups (with the Glowing Guardian HALPMEH of course is an option, too) and he shouldn't last long. Frank can be handled with the same strategy and will be outlasted in the end. If you want to make this run extra easy, restart until you get the flaming sword (physical damage counts as magical damage), making a laugh out of Wraiths.


Start out by killing low-level Warlocks and Dragonspawn. Once you start gaining levels, you can generally kill Imps of lower level in one shot; you can also begin killing Warlock/Dragonspawn a level or two above you, which should be done whenever possible, but make sure to conserve potions for the Matron. After killing all normal enemies, start out by targeting Aequitas, and after defeating him move on to the Matron.


Despite this being a strong anti-magic dungeon, you may find it surprisingly useful to take the oxymoronic combination of Elf Berserker. What you need to find are combat-assisting glyphs like HALPMEH, BYSSEPS or (ideally) CYDSTEPP, and build up enough Maximum Mana to use them repeatedly during each first. This will enable you to take out high-level Golems and Meat Men and leave plenty of monsters around for later mid-fight leveling. Don't mess with Animated Armour unless it's blocking your path. At level 7, set up a midfight level-up and go for the Iron Man. You should have plenty of resources left to take out the Super Meat Man afterward.

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