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The Earthmother, goddess of plants and nature, is one of the gods available for worshipping in Desktop Dungeon. Earthmother may be worshipped by locating her altar in a dungeon (if it appears).

Initial Worship

If an altar of The Earthmother is found in the dungeon, and the hero is not yet worshipping any other god, it is possible to pray to Earthmother.

Immediate effect

When first worshipping Earthmother, several effects occur:

  • The Earthmother attempts to generate a new IMAWAL glyph.
    • She will only succeed in doing so if the IMAWAL glyph has not been generated in this dungeon at all. If the glyph was found and converted, a new glyph will not be generated.
    • If successful, the new glyph will appear on top of Earthmother's altar. She cannot be prayed-to again unless the glyph is picked up first.
  • The Earthmother will award you with 3 piety points for every health and mana potion consumed before worshiping her.


Followers of Binlor Ironshield or Glowing Guardian may convert their religion to The Earthmother at the cost of piety. The hero will keep any bonuses or penalties bestowed upon him by the other god, but will not trigger The Earthmother's immediate effects as described above. You may convert by visiting Earthmother's altar and asking to convert:

  • Conversion from Binlor Ironshield costs 40 piety.
  • Conversion from Glowing Guardian costs 30 piety.

It also is possible to convert your religion from The Earthmother to either Binlor Ironshield or Glowing Guardian, by locating their altars and asking for it. Your hero will keep any bonuses or penalties bestowed by The Earthmother.

  • Conversion to Binlor Ironshield costs 45 piety.
  • Conversion to Glowing Guardian costs 35 piety.


The Earthmother is the goddess of nature, and appreciates the creation of more earth (in the form of walls). She is the protector of simple animals, and is strongly opposed to the use of unnatural magic.

The following actions will only change your Piety while worshipping The Earthmother. If you have not yet converted to Earthmother, or have renounced your religion, you may perform these actions without triggering the listed effects.

Gaining Piety

The Earthmother will increase your Piety for performing the following actions:

  • Turn a creature into a wall with the IMAWAL glyph: +10 Piety.
    • Earthmother will award you 10 piety points for this action regardless of the level or type of creature you have turned into a wall.
    • Earthmother will award you these points even if you turn simple animals (Serpent, Goat) into stone. You will not receive the Piety reduction for killing these monster types (see below).
    • Remember that turning a monster into a wall does not count as killing it. Therefore, it does NOT grant you experience points, nor any other bonus or effect you currently have that is triggered by killing monsters.
  • Turn a plant into a wall with the IMAWAL glyph: +3 Piety.
    • Plants are created by The Earthmother from visible bloodstains when her Plantation boon is acquired. See more on this below.

Losing Piety

The Earthmother will decrease your Piety for performing the following actions:

  • Kill a Goat or a Serpent: -5 Piety
    • Killing one of these animals will immediately lose you 5 piety, regardless of the level of the creature and the method in which it was killed.
  • Destroy a wall: -5 Piety
    • Walls can be destroyed using the ENDISWAL glyph or using knockback to throw a monster against a wall.
  • Converting the IMAWAL glyph while worshiping The Earthmother: -15 Piety
  • Destroying a plant: -15 Piety
    • Plants are created with The Earthmother's "Plantation" boon (see below). You may only destroy them with a magical attack like BURNDAYRAZ or using the Half-dragon, unless you can find a way to reduce their Physical Damage immunity.
  • Attack a monster in melee combat while your hero has the Lifesteal ability: -??? Piety, Lose Lifesteal ability.
    • Lifesteal is an innate ability of Vampires, and may also be acquired in other means. If you attack a monster in Melee combat while your hero has this ability, The Earthmother will reduce your Piety by a currently-unknown amount.
    • Research info required: How much piety does this cost?
    • In addition, you will lose your entire Lifesteal ability (set to 0%).
    • Note that Magical attacks (BURNDAYRAZ) do not count as Melee attacks, and can be performed without triggering this effect.
  • Step on a bloodpool while playing as a Bloodmage: -10 Piety.
    • Bloodmages that step on a pool of blood (left over after killing a monster) will suffer -10 piety.
    • Research info required: What about Vampires?
    • Note that this is the only travesty that The Earthmother will only charge Piety for.


If a travesty is perpetrated that would drop Piety below 0 points, the Earthmother will disable the character's Health Regeneration ability. This is similar to being poisoned: Health will not regenerate as you explore, although you may heal by potions or levels as normal. It is possible to regain Health Regeneration inflicted in this way by performing actions that please The Earthmother, provided your piety is not negative (otherwise, it decreases your piety deficit).


The Earthmother has 3 boons to offer to her worshipers at the cost of Piety:


  • Grants you Immunity from Poison.
  • Costs 15 Piety.
    • On acquiring this boon, your hero receives the special ability "Poison Immunity". You will no longer be poisoned by Serpents or Bandits for the remainder of this dungeon.
    • If the hero already has Poison Immunity (E.G. from the item Viper Ward), this boon will have no effect. However, if the item bonus was lost somehow, The Earthmother will renew it.


  • Gain +10 piety for every blood-stain currently visible on the map.
  • Every visible blood-stain is replaced by a Plant.
  • Costs 20 Piety.
    • Immediately on acquiring this boon, you will receive +10 piety points for each blood-stain visible on the map at the time.
    • Note that you must first pay the 20 Piety points required to purchase this boon. You cannot rely on the piety gained from Plantation to pay for itself.
    • Blood-stains are the result of killing monsters. It is however possible to "clean-up" bloodstains by stepping on them with the Bloodmage or Vampire characters. If any blood-stain was cleaned up this way, it is not tallied when awarding you piety points.
    • Every blood stain is replaced by a Plant, a level 1 monster with 0 attack damage, 1 point of Health, and 100% Physical Resistance.
    • Plants block movement like any other monster. Therefore, acquiring this boon may cause sections of the dungeon to become inaccessible, unless the blocking plant can be destroyed.
    • The only natural way to destroy a plant is to use BURNDAYRAZ. It may also be possible to destroy plants by reducing their Physical Resistance, for instance through Taurog's "Penetration" boon, or with a character that has a mana shield, like the Sorcerer, or with Assasin's trait "Swift hand". Note that destroying a plant results in piety loss as well as the complete loss of Health Regeneration (see above). The plants generated by the Plantation Boon grant 1 experience point, so it is possible to level up by killing plants, though how viable this strategy is depends on the circumstances.


  • Each time you gain a level, you receive an extra +5 Maximum Health, +1 Maximum Mana, and +2 Attack Strength.
  • Costs 100 Piety.
    • Once this boon has been acquired, subsequent level-ups will add the above-listed bonuses on top of the normal bonuses associated with gaining levels.
    • This effect only applies when gaining levels while still worshipping The Earthmother. Converting to another religion, or renouncing The Earthmother, will remove the extra bonus (though it will not affect the bonuses normally gained from leveling up).
    • The Earthmother does not remove these bonuses if you anger her.
    • Once you've leveled up at least once, the extra points become permanent, and will not be removed from your character even if converting to another religion or renouncing Earthmother altogether. However, as stated above, further level-ups will not grant the additional bonuses anymore.


  • Get Stoneform at most at lvl 4 to increase the benefits.
  • Try to get 10 bloodpools on map and two lvl 1-2 enemies to stone before converting to her. Then petrify 2 enemies, use plantation then stone form.
  • HALPMEH + BLUDTUPOWA makes her punishment ineffective.
  • If you have spare mana, you can petrify 5 plants in order to have enough piety to convert IMAWAL glyph. One can convert 2 extra plants to compensate for the piety loss when killing goats or serpents.
  • Considering you lose piety for fighting serpents, which are one of two enemies to poison you, and the Earthmother's punishment is worse than poison, Greenblood is almost always a waste of piety.

Specific Classes


While the Transmuter has absolute reliance on the use of the ENDISWAL Glyph, he neither is affected by The Earthmother's punishment nor by the walls and plants blocking the map. This makes them rather effective followers of the Earthmother, especially if they manage to join early on.


Due to his lower base hit points, the Rogue benefits enormously from stoneform. After a few levels of accumulating stoneform's bonus, a Rogue can handily fight monsters several levels higher than himself. This is still difficult to pull off, though, so make sure you do some scouting before you commit to it.

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