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A fully explored Factory dungeon (using the default tileset)

The Factory is a side dungeon in Desktop Dungeons containing monsters based off of animated objects. It is initially locked at start but becomes available after completing the normal dungeon with all Tier 3 classes.


The dungeon contains Meat men, Golems, and Animated Armour (the only dungeon this monster is found in). Like other challenge dungeons it contains two bosses instead of one, these are Iron Man and Super Meat Man.


The Factory poses a difficult challenge for most character classes, because each monster has radically different advantages and disadvantages. As such, each class will be more apt at defeating one or at best two types of monsters, with the remaining types being much more difficult. Therefore, almost every class will have a unique way of defeating the maze.

For spellcasters, leveling up is usually very easy - find BURNDAYRAZ and get rid of very-high-level Animated Armor by casting it at them, then exploring for more mana. Animated Armor only has one hit point, and does not regenerate its death protection as you explore, so 10 hits will invariably bring down a level 9 armor, and you can do that as early as level 1 (for an instant jump to level 6!). Unfortunately, setting up mid-fight level-ups for the boss fights is difficult because remaining monsters will either have high health (meat men), high magic resistance (Golems) or require several hits to kill (animated armor). It's worth taking your time to whittle down some high-level armors until they have no protection, and leave them like that for the boss fight. Another vastly useful method requires getting Mystera Annur's most expensive boon, which will remove the magic resistance from the Iron Man boss.

For melee fighters, this level presents a different challenge. Taking out the Animated Armors is difficult and may require you to waste a lot of exploration on regaining health from their hits. Golems are the best target, and the Iron Man will not be a big challenge. However you will need to find a way to deal with the Super Meat Man.

One of the best glyphs you can hope for is APHEELSIK, which will help you defeat the Super Meat Man. However this relies on there being plenty of tiles left to explore, so it's only useful if you can make it to high level early. BLUDTUPOWA will help in this regard for spellcasters, but again the Iron Man is resistant to spells, so relying on fireball without Mystera Annur's resistance nullification is moot.

All in all, the key is to level up quickly, whichever way you can, and figure out how to set up mid-fight level-ups for the boss fights.

Finally, since the Super Meat Man can be troublesome for almost any character, and the Iron Man is wicked against spellcasters, this may be the best dungeon to worship Jehora Jeheyu for his Polymorph boon. In fact, there's a good chance that it will make the entire dungeon much easier to run through if you're having trouble with one or more classes.


Upon clearing the Factory with any hero the Tinker special class will become available. Additional, clearing the dungeon with the Wizard will unlock the Crusader special class.

For every three classes that clear this dungeon an additional shop will spawn in subsequent dungeons (placing 9 shops in total once all 18 classes have cleared the dungeon).

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