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Meat man
Desktop Dungeon Monster
Alpha MeatMan.png
Attack 65%
Health 200%
Abilities None
Unlocked by

The Meat man is one of the monsters that roams the Desktop Dungeons. It is one of the four default monsters available at the start, and features low attack power, but high defense. The boss version of the meat man is Super Meat Man, a reference to the game Super Meat Boy and one of the tougher bosses in the game.


  • Health: 200%
  • Damage: 65%


Meat men have no incredible tricks to their strategy, serving mostly to absorb lots of hits. They deal pitiful amounts of damage, so your best bet is usually an outright slugfest to the end, especially if you have some kind of edge in physical combat. If your attack is stronger than theirs by a factor greater than their regeneration over yours, you can regenerate between hits and still get the edge on them. BURNDAYRAZ is not as effective as usual due to the high cost and low relative damage, and attacking higher level meat men is not recommended unless you're willing to expend some resources.

Boss info

Super Meat Man
Seriously, WTF?
Attack 48
Health 954
Abilities None

"Don't look at me like that. I'm totally not a violation of anyone's intellectual property."

Super Meat Man boasts the highest amount of health in the game, having a whopping 954 health to deplete. His meager 48 damage might seem underwhelming, but the big problem with Super Meat Man isn't about surviving big attacks, but killing him before your resources deplete completely. Any trick you can use to weaken him, particularly APHEELSIK, can and should be used against him. It's also feasible to fight him in melee combat due to his low damage, provided you have enough power to put enough of a dent in his health before having to heal.

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