Quarter Circle Forward + Design

QCF is a game development studio based in Cape Town, South Africa. We take pride in approaching almost everything from a game design perspective, meaning we can make pretty much anything fun. We openly aspire to be international rockstars and won’t rest until you can’t stop playing something with our names on it.

In addition to the critically acclaimed Desktop Dungeons, we’ve produced everything from pull-out boardgames for magazines to educational content for the World Bank Institute, mobile advergames and Xbox 360 proofs of concept.

Wanna contact us, get support or just see what we’re up to? There’s a whole bunch of platforms for you to poke us on, as well as a handy press kit for Desktop Dungeons!

E-MAIL:   info at QCFdesign dot com
TWITTER:   See individual entries below
YOUTUBE:   www.youtube.com/user/QCFdesign
FACEBOOK (Desktop Dungeons):   https://www.facebook.com/desktopdungeons
GOOGLE+ (Desktop Dungeons):   https://plus.google.com/102353888862303376419/

Danny "dislekcia" Day

Height: 6’0″
Weight: NaN lbs
Birthday: Feb.4
Flavor: B
Race: Ultra-Donut
Class: Pantsmancer
Risk Rating: Fucsia
Twitter: dislekcia

A collection of memes seen as a security risk by the United Nations, dislekcia was confined to the secondary role of game designer by the advanced nano-machines flowing through his blood. In what he laughably calls his spare time, dislekcia runs Game.Dev and dreams of owning a yacht.

Rodain "Nandrew" Joubert

Height: HAT!
Weight: 64’3″
Birthday: Jun.9
Flavor: Trilby
Race: Tube-collective
Class: Tambourine herder
Risk Rating: Omni gel
Twitter: RodainJoubert

Triple imported and tasked with finding extra-terrestrial fun by a shadow juice conglomerate, Nandrew moonlights as both a writer of deeds and a doer of words. If it can be prototyped, he can drive it. On days when he doesn’t produce an amazing game idea, Nandrew vows revenge upon his own deceitful cranium.

Marc "Aequitas" Luck

Height: 5’9″
Weight: Justice
Birthday: Aug. 17
Flavor: Grape ripple
Race: Desk-Viking
Class: Lint Shaman
Risk Rating: A
Twitter: AequitasZA

Hiding from a grim past spent mostly spinning clockwise, “Aequitas” tries to live a normal life… The ways of his past call to him, the urges only assuaged by making indescribably cool stuff. The facial hair helps as well… And has nothing to do with secretly wishing to be a Grand Vizier when he grows up.

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