48 Hour Games

For the last 2 years the QCF Design team has been taking part in the 48 hour Global Game Jam. The games made here are rough (given the extreme nature of the deadline) but still quite fun to play, even if they are mostly proof-of-concepts.
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48 Hour War

Made for the Global Game Jam 2009, 48 Hour War was designed for the phrase “As long as we’re together we’ll never run out of problems” and a theme word of “patriotism”.

This naturally caused us to create a game about war and aid relief where nobody comes out well.

Download : 48 Hour War

Accolades! Awards! Approvals!

Excellence in Design award – 2011 Independent Games Festival

“A perfect balance between casual and hardcore” – Gamasutra’s Best Of 2010: Top 10 Indie Games

“A gem of a time sink” – IndieGames.com Top Freeware Role-Playing Games 2010

“QCF’s Desktop Dungeons, mashes rogue-like and puzzle-game play in a way ‘so fun and elegantly designed’ that jurists didn’t hesitate to deign ‘pure genius’” – IGF Finalist Announcement 2011

“A crafty and addictive game … I can’t wait to play again” – TIGSource Top Indie Games of 2010

“It’s totally My Sort Of Thing” - Rock Paper Shotgun

Colgate Smile Protector

Mobile advergame commissioned by Colgate-Palmolive SA to coincide with Oral Health Month. Players keep a virtual mouth clean to win airtime.
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Colgate Smile Protector Screenshots

Desktop Dungeons

If a puzzle game slept with a rogue-like, you’d get Desktop Dungeons. Then you wouldn’t be able to do anything else because you’d be too busy playing it.
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Desktop Dungeons screenshots

22 Sep 13


screen_1Made at the 2013 Global Game Jam, this was one of the first things that leapt to mind after the ‘heartbeat’ theme was announced. A couple of other ideas were tried, but this one persisted, and about 24 hours in, we decided to just dive in and see how it felt. We quite like the outcome :) Art by the talented Dorianne Dutrieux

Download : DisChord

Gameplay Statistics

We offer full stat tracking with our advergames, harvesting gameplay information when a phone connects to our servers to claim airtime. As such, we don’t have access to all offline gameplay. Usage patterns indicate that nearly 50% of users play games on their phones without allowing them to connect to the internet, the information below does not contain any estimates based on this trend:

Colgate Smile Protector has been played for over 64 000 minutes in over 7000 sessions. Gameplay time averages 8 minutes per session with users playing at least two sessions per connection. Over 3000 connections were made, resulting in just over 2000 airtime rewards before the airtime prize pool was fully claimed. Users still connect, despite the prizes being finished, this means that people still enjoy the game even after promotion ceased with the end Oral Health Month.

In marketing speak someone would say that users engaged with the brand for 16 minutes at a time and returned to it multiple times. That’s quite different to traditional advertising, but don’t take our word for it: We don’t speak marketer…


Guerrilla learning mobile game designed to let players enjoy a new take on Master Mind while happening to get better at the South African Grade 10 maths syllabus.
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