23 Mar 10

YouDunnit? TheyDunnit.

They done linked to it. Is what we mean… Our recent Global Game Jam entry, YouDunnit, has popped up on both Play This Thing and Boing Boing, making us happy that Greg Costikyan was able to sit through the initial feelings of WTF and frustration that we didn’t have time to polish out.

We’re proud of YouDunnit’s concept, it’s really nice to have someone else pick up on that out of the blue. It’s also humbling: Someone in the Boing Boing comments mentioned Braid. Hah, no, it’s not quite as cool a game as that. In response, we’ve created a new section for 48 hour games and other quick-turn around stuff as we do it. We should probably create another section for Nandrew’s epic collection of games, but he’s so prolific that it would be a ton of work…


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