17 May 10

DD is EDGE’s internet game of the month!

Our dreams of one day being just like Introversion are officially one step closer! UK supermag EDGE got hold of Desktop Dungeons and decided it was awesome enough to be their internet game of the month. They said (all the way down the bottom there)…

P.S. If the scan offends anyone, shout and we’ll pull it down. We’re just a little excited, that’s all.

3 Responses to “DD is EDGE’s internet game of the month!”

  1. stefano Says:

    Hi! Is a Desktop Dungeon version for mac or for the web coming sooner or later? Thanks and cheers, S.

  2. dislekcia Says:

    Hi Stefano. Yup, the full version will be for both Mac and PC (and other platforms eventually), right now there’s a fan-made package of the freeware that runs on some Macs that you can get here: http://bit.ly/cvNxtY

  3. stefano Says:

    Thank you! I’ll try it out now!


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