15 Jun 10

Desktop Dungeons v0.14

The link you’re looking for would be here.

Grab it, play it, love it. We’ve changed a whole metric boat-load (which is at least 15.4 Imperial boat-loads) in this release, in no particular order:

  • All new religion system where you use earned piety for specific upgrades.
  • Streamlined interface totally still lets you do all that math if you want to. You’ll wonder how you ever played it before.
  • 100% gold custom tileset by indie king-maker and all around super nice guy, Derek Yu! (Spelunky, TIGSource)
  • All your old character files will work just fine, but it’s more fun to start from scratch again. Trust us.
  • Tweaks: F2 doubles the window, F4 fullscreens, ESC no longer insta-closes and there’s even arrow-key navigation if you’re that way inclined.
  • Fresh high score lists on which to min-max freely (We may even have balanced the Vampire)
  • Even more content for the super-hardcore endgame players. Seriously, we can’t finish this thing…

So yeah. Expect the wiki to be a little out of date for a while until people get the hang of the new systems, then it’ll be awesome again.  I’m a little burnt out from not sleeping, but I’m seriously excited that this is finally ready to go! Yeah! Woot! If I had a vuvuzela I’d probably blow it, that’s what we do when we’re happy in SA.

Download Desktop Dungeons v0.14

P.S. Tilesets all still work, but there are some new tiles that y’all might want to take a look at. Don’t forget to put a byline in your tileset.ini!

EDIT – Any users experiencing bugs with Petrifying enemies and worshipping the Earthmother, please re-download the latest version. Rassum frassum pointers… (Nailed some other minor bugs too, v0.142 is at the same link)

52 Responses to “Desktop Dungeons v0.14”

  1. FuzzYspo0N Says:

    downloading! Nice to see the YU set in the dl as well.

  2. DukeOFprunes Says:

    Happy days and tribulations!

  3. Eggplant Says:

    Just started playing yesterday and OH my Goodness a new version is out YEPIE!

  4. fall_ark Says:

    One quick suggestion : now that there’s visual aids for hp and enemy hp, why not do the same for xp? And how about add visual aid for exploring hp/mp recovery? That would be really helpful.

  5. FNMinman Says:

    I defeated the level 9 goat with a level 2 Dwarf Fighter in the Alpha tutorial. My character is now an awesome level 6 after the alpha dungeon, I’m guessing this is not supposed to happen?

  6. dislekcia Says:

    @fall_ark: We toyed with showing xp that you’re going to get from a kill AND the hp/mana regen from exploring, but it was difficult to differentiate between the projected and present values. We ended up going with only projecting when a stat decreases. Increases are shown with particles (in the case of exp there are two types: little green ones are worth 1 exp, big ones are worth 5). I think it might be cool to have an item you can equip in the full version that’ll let you see your exploration regen, that’d be pretty cool 😉

    @FNMinman: Ok, you gotta tell us how you did that! He takes me out in 2 hits every time.

  7. FNMinman Says:

    Just realised – Fighter gives you immunity against first deadly strike.

  8. Dunam Says:

    I found a small bug: when you are part of the mystara belief and you cast the wall destruction spell and target a creature, there’s no actual spell cast (wrong target) but you do get the piety.

  9. dislekcia Says:

    @Dunam: Good spot, thanks!

  10. illisid Says:

    I found a bug. If you are worshipping taurog and your mana decreases to 0 it will pop out an error for dividing by zero. Simple thing should be easy to fix, no?

  11. dislekcia Says:

    @illisid: Thanks! Fixed version at the same URL :) How’d you manage to get that much piety with Taurog, BTW?

  12. denpanosekai Says:

    Doesn’t work under Wine (anymore?) :(

  13. Barts Says:

    Gee, cool, downloading as we speak. I was about to cover this for a Polish gaming site, so it comes right about time.

    I have one question, though – can we expect Mac/Linux versions anytime soon, like the last time? It would be very appreciated.



    PS. I also did a mini-review on my blog as well:

  14. dislekcia Says:

    @denpanosekai: No idea about Wine – haven’t gotten hold of a Mac yet. Didn’t people have to do some serious voodoo to get it working before?

  15. 0.25 Says:

    It is impossible to click and drag on tablet pc (may be 2-nd button click as an option, please)

  16. Devlin Bentley Says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Move the “Retire” button further away from the Pick Up button! I have accidently hit the retire button at least 4 times in the last 30 minutes. :(

  17. dislekcia Says:

    @0.25: Hmmm, do you mean that GM isn’t letting you click and drag inside the game, or that you can’t click and drag at all on your tablet PC? I’ll see what we can do, interface wise.

    @Devlin: Yeah, the Retire button is a bit of a tricky thing at the moment, it killed the tabs I wanted to put there for different panels… You can always pick up or pray using spacebar, which I find a lot easier 😉

  18. MekaGem Says:

    I played previous version, but started this one from the beggining.
    Is it easier? I finished normal dungeon by all first-Tier characters at first attempt (not counting the one I lost pressing wrong button))

    About god system. It looks strange that last gods message is written on EVERY altar. This info is useless – its better not to place it there at all, but to place something else useful (what god likes or smth).

    About tutorial. It’s good, yea. But why is player brought to the next level after death even if it wasn’t goat who killed him? And retreat doesnt restart level but quits to menu. Although new players will not mention it, it’s strange.

    And also… its good idea to get all text out into some file to let people create translations like they create tilesets now. Also it lets change monsters names and create tilesets not of gorgon, meat man and goo blobs, but any character with petrification, big hp or physical resist.

    Well, where’re my saves – I’m gonna play campaign!
    from Russia with love, MekaGem

  19. Fistchandeles Says:

    Started a game as the wizard and got this error . . . if it helps.
    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Step Event
    for object Interface:

    Error in code at line 13:
    if (Roomwatch.reveal[floor(mouse_x / 20), floor(mouse_y / 20)] >= 2) {

    at position 20: Unknown variable reveal or array index out of bounds

  20. dislekcia Says:

    @MekaGem: We’re seriously exploring localisation options for the Unity version of the game. The code reboot should also allow us to tighten up the transitions in the tutorials and menus 😉

    @Fistchandeles: There’s a new version (at the above link) that might just kill that bug… Although we haven’t been able to reproduce it at all, just added more defensive coding checks :(

  21. BC Says:

    Works under Wine, as before, but also as before, very slowly. It’s a wonder that a GameMaker game works in Wine to begin with.

  22. paxed Says:

    Like BC says, it works under Wine. For some very low values of “work”; it’s unplayably slow.

  23. Nick Says:

    Poison doesn’t seem to be working at all. I like the new worship system, but as someone else said, you need to show the specific altar info.

  24. Artemus Harper Says:

    I finally beat the campaign, the first and (even more so) the third require a lot of luck. I somehow managed to beat the last level without using any potions though.

    There really only seems to be 1 viable strategy though, and it pretty much requires a certain glyph spawn. Most other strats that I can think of require a lot more things all come together. I’m being vague because I don’t want to spoil anything.

    Oh, and add achievements, its all the rage in games these days.

  25. Nandrew Says:

    @Nick: Poison operates by different rules now to lessen abuse: if you attack the poisoned monster, it’ll actually wear off! Perhaps that’s causing confusion?

    @Artemus: We like achievements too :) For now, it’s more of a score accolades thing though. Perhaps, though, in future versions … well, it’s speculation for now. 😉

  26. NBG Says:

    Oh GLORY!!

  27. mob Says:

    Hiya, spotted something odd and figured it sounded like a bug.

    I started a game earlier as Human Thief and began the playthrough. I had to go afk for a while but then came back and cleared the dungeon. When I looked at my score, it seemed unusualy high. The way it reads seems to indicate that the bonus is due to me taking 66 minutes to complete it.

    Here’s a screenshot:

    I’d expect you to get a better score the less time it takes you, not more. Of course, I could be wrong and this might just be normal, but after playing a lot of the last version and comparing it to the Human Fighter score I got on this version, it seems odd.

  28. dislekcia Says:

    @mob: Thanks, yeah that’s a bug. It’ll be fixed in a slight incremental release next week. Sorry about that.

  29. Jim Says:

    I think I just found a bug (or it could be an intentional condition):

    Monk’s 50% physical resistance will drop to 25% only if you bought that shield in the store that’s supposed to add 25% resistance.

  30. Jim Says:

    Oh wait, sorry for the double post.

    For clarification, its not the shield from the store, its actually a boon Binlor Ironshield.

    Sorry for the double post.

  31. Steelraining Says:

    I just found a minute to update my old tileset for the new v1.14. Go grab It here:


    Awesome game. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the newest release.

  32. XuaXua Says:

    @Jim – I mentioned the same thing on the NAG forum. The text of the Binlor boon is to SET it to 25%. That is the literal intent, so the Monk loses 25%.

  33. Contyado Says:

    Any chance that DD will make its way to xbox 360, maybe as an indie title?

  34. Nandrew Says:

    The 360 isn’t our primary goal at the moment, but we’re definitely looking to sink our teeth into as many platforms as possible. 😉 We’ll provide more news as things develop.

  35. Odkin Says:

    Just found the new version and although it seems easier (thank God) I REALLY miss the cursor pop up with the next expected result. I hate that I know have to divert my eyes from my character to the bottom right corner to look for “Safe” or “Death”. It totally breaks any mental engagement with the fight.

  36. dislekcia Says:

    @Odkin: Totally hearing you. The popups will be making a return of sorts in the full version :)

  37. PlNG Says:

    I looked at the tile set, and thought it was rather odd that it was 186kb for 66 20×20 pngs. Ran it through PNGOUTWin at extreme compression strategy, and it finished with 20kb filesize total.

    You can get a fully functional 30 day trial of PNGOUTWin if you want to do it for yourself, or I can email you the files.

  38. manveruppd Says:

    Just a small bug report: I was renounced by the Glowing Guardian for using a health potion.

  39. dislekcia Says:

    Ah, you were renounced for going into negative piety, all gods do something mean to you when you drop below 0. The Glowing Guardian doesn’t like adventurers using health potions, he thinks it’s a sign of weakness 😉 Try not to do that on 0 piety with him.

  40. Edward Says:

    So what’s new about the August release? I see the version has gone from .14 to .145 but I haven’t found a changelog anywhere for this one.

    Secondly, if this game were ported to Android (or iPhone) it would make my year, probably. Thank you for this terrific game.

  41. dislekcia Says:

    Mostly bug fixes. Rodain killed some exploits and I moved the interface buttons around a little to deal with accidental retire clicks.

    We’re working on a version we plan to be able to port to Android/iPhone once it’s done. Complete rewrite, so it’s taking a while, but it’ll be a complete game :)

  42. kroen Says:

    PLEASE make an iPad version. I will pay $10 for it. No kidding.

  43. dislekcia Says:

    We’re working on it as fast as we can :)

  44. Eduardo Says:

    Hey, I think the wiki got messed with. Some of the pages (the Glyphs one, for instance) now have a link to a reported attack site, according to Chrome at least. Maybe you should check it out.

  45. dislekcia Says:

    Thanks for the heads up and big thanks to whoever reversed the edits. I’ve blocked the spammer, sorry about that!

  46. dTb Says:

    I’m really in a hurry to see / try / buy / get some news / [insert other fan comment here] the iphone and iPad versions !!!!

  47. Crisius Says:

    I love what people are saying about this game, but unfortunately I can not play .14 or .15 to even give the game a go. I get the screen that says loading and then it tells me I have encountered an unexpected error.

  48. dislekcia Says:

    @Crisius: Can you play other Game Maker games? That error tends to happen if GM can’t load drivers – either sound or video card drivers – and shuts down. Unfortunately we can’t do much about that from our side, but the full version’s not in GM :)

  49. William Says:

    I downloaded the game but it doesn’t look like the screenshots, or Totalhalibut’s videos. It seems to be an older version. I tried downloading version 14 and 15 but they both look the same.

  50. William Says:

    Oh, I just realized my problem. I was playing the game out of the zipped file. Now that I have extracted it, it looks much better, but now I have a new problem. I no longer seem to have my saved data from before. I used to have the Monk, Snake Pit and Gauntlet unlocked. Now I am back to the original options.

  51. dislekcia Says:

    @William: Your progress was saved in the same temp directory that the exe was extracted to while you played out of the zip file. I’m afraid you’re going to have to look for that file and copy it to where you’ve unzipped the entire game: Search for either a “chardata” folder or “[your character name].sav” maybe you’ll get lucky and it won’t have been purged by your OS yet!

  52. brit Says:

    You are a god. This game is the next step in rpg evolution. Absolutely perfect job! I’ll be playing this for years to come.


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