11 Sep 10

DD shows up in In(die)credible Panel at PAX

While Desktop Dungeons didn’t make it into the PAX 10, it did get a mention in one of the panels during the show. Specifically a panel of various indie luminaries telling people which indie games they felt weren’t being played enough.

DD squeaks a mention by Dylan Fitterer (of Audiosurf fame) who then goes on to talk about how he’s played it for at least 15 hours now and it still makes him feel smart when he figures out something new. I’m totally calling that a win vs MW2. Thanks to IndieGames.com we’ve now got video of this happening:

Parts 1 and 2 – in which many awesome games are mentioned that we didn’t make – are here and here, respectively. Unfortunately part 4 is missing, which means I’m dying to know what so troubled the nearly somnolent Mr Fitterer and what he discovered… Did he mis-click and die horribly? (I’m sorry Dylan! The numpad works, don’t put up with that trackpad!) Was he playing a Crusader and the final strike perk took down the boss? Did the Fighter’s pit fighter ability save him? Did he manage to open the door to the secret dungeon thing that we don’t talk about? What happened? I must know!


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