17 Oct 10

Desktop Dungeons v0.15!

Just a quick graphics and obscure OMG-what-the-crap-happened-there bug focused update in time for the IGF. Unfortunately the Unity version simply isn’t complete enough yet (read: It plays well, but looks like crap and the progression stuff isn’t done yet) so we’re entering the freeware version, hence the update to the thing we said we wouldn’t be updating anymore… Hopefully we’ll be able to update our entry as the full game starts collecting polish tokens.

DD v0.15 contains a lot less red line of death and a bajillion percent more footprints. It’s also got snazzy new class-specific sprites designed to fit into Derek Yu’s already awesome tileset, courtesy of the extremely kind Brian Bugh, which you can see above (the sprites, not Brian himself). To top it off, we’ve added our favorite tilesets so far from the TIGsource tileset thread and Twitter.

As usual, all you have to do to carry your progress over from v0.145 is to simply copy the contents of your chardata directory across to the new version… Here’s a direct link to the new version, enjoy! Now I need to go figure out how our IGF entry video is going to work.


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