04 Jan 11

WTF is Desktop Dungeons? A brit investigates

One of my favorite SC2 casters, TotalBiscuit, has aimed his wry wit squarely at Desktop Dungeons and taken the game for a spin on youtube:

Granted, he’s a bit of a nub: You can totally move diagonally and using the damage previews is really helpful; But it’s great watching someone discover the game and laughing at our references. It doesn’t hurt that he’s as likely to launch into horrible puns as we are…

4 Responses to “WTF is Desktop Dungeons? A brit investigates”

  1. Chris Says:

    The reason why I actually started to play this game was because of that video :O

  2. pakoito Says:

    I hate TotalBiscuit, we have had several arguments in RPSs comments. I guess he’s not a bad dude, just that he thinks he’s the british Mike Krahulik or something…

  3. DoubleW Says:

    He got rid of the fireball glyph and I just lost it.

  4. Charles Says:

    That was incredibly painful to watch. I realize he’s new to this, but it was like watching a horror film where the protagonist does *everything* wrong, and you’re just screaming at the screen: “No! Don’t wander around the creepy house at night in your underwear! Don’t open that door! There’s an axe murderer behind it.”

    And of course they open the door and axed to death.

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