02 Mar 11


OMG, we’re at the GDC! Besides having the time of our lives meeting hordes of our internet heroes, challenging people at Metagame and freaking out over how much random things cost in Dollars, we’ve managed to sneak in a few solid days of development. Behold the build that people will be able to play in the IGF pavilion at the GDC expo tomorrow:

Wondering what the crap’s going on there? You’ll have to wait till someone plays the new hard levels and moans about plants.

9 Responses to “Wha?”

  1. Lekon Says:

    Sweet lord. It is … beautiful. Can we have some video after they play the demo version?

  2. HoodedFellow Says:

    Some awe! The artwork is excellent. Can’t wait for this!

  3. pakoito Says:

    Just one thing: I’ll add some kind of frame around the character’s portrait, it feels like a stickied sprite in there.

  4. pakoito Says:

    Congrats on the GDF award! Well thought speech LOL

  5. Jax Says:

    Congrats on the award! It’s starting to look very good! Can’t you just cast a TAYMWRPS spell and bring the full version to us now, please?

  6. zz~ Says:

    Please!Make a android DESKTOP DUNGEONS
    That will be cool!!

  7. ravagerr Says:

    DAAAAAMMMNNNN!!!!! can’t wait for it to be in the iphone/ipad!!!1

  8. pv Says:

    Oh my god I have got to stop checking this stupid site every day for updates – I can’t wait for the new release of DD. I haven’t purchased a game in years but I can guarantee a first day purchase, this game is just tooooooo good!

  9. hasselhofDungeon Says:

    Love the game. Playing the mac version. Can’t wait for the iPad version.!

    Tileset looks great and the character portrait is great but for the dungeon view, I much prefer the sprite representing the character from head to toes. The portrait as a tile in the dungeon seems abstract to me.

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