14 Apr 11

The Desktop Dungeons Adventuring Locker

Locker items: never go dungeoneering without an eating utensil again!

Imagine this: you’re just wandering around on a merry ol’ dungeon run somewhere when you happen to stumble upon a shop selling the Orb of Zot, the Amulet of Yendor or something similarly rare and powerful. Unfortunately, the dungeon you’re in isn’t particularly challenging, and you lament the fact that such an uncommon occurrence is completely wasted on killing a boring old goblin lord. If only there was some way you could buy the item now and take it into the golem factory for your Wizard run later!

Well, as it so happens, the commercial version of Desktop Dungeons is going to have you covered. As mentioned in our earlier post, the brand-new locker system will allow players to store a limited number of items at the Adventurers’ Guild between dungeon runs, while charging them some sort of bureaucratic nonsense fee based on their market value.

What does this mean for the game? Behold:

– Powerful artifacts discovered in easier dungeons don’t go to waste — simply bring them back to the kingdom and you’ll be able to use them in tougher adventures at your convenience!

– While many locker items are prone to destruction if the player uses or converts them inside a dungeon run, many other items can be used again and again if you’re willing to bring them back out with you afterwards. So if you find that Jeweled Sword to be a handy inventory addition for any dungeon run, stay away from your conversion button and carry it all the way through!

– There’s a lot of items available, but a limited number of locker slots to put them in. Chances are that you’ll have to figure out who (or what) your favourite characters are and adjust your locker space to cater to their tastes. Wizard-prone players can stash Mana Pendants and Battlemage Rings, while Fighters will want to stock up on Chainmail and Really Big Swords.

– For players wanting to top the score charts, bringing along the correct equipment can REALLY make a difference!

– Particularly determined players may stumble across some of the game’s more mysterious item drops from time to time — ancient artifacts which not even the most shrivelled old sage knows anything about. Keep them in your locker and take them along for subsequent dungeon adventures! You never know what might happen … especially when ominous ellipses are involved …

11 Responses to “The Desktop Dungeons Adventuring Locker”

  1. ben Says:

    release date? for droid? cmon must be close!

  2. salejemaster Says:

    yey, I was just about to remind you guys that it has been a while since you last posted anything on the blow :)

  3. Lekon Says:

    Are there really big spoons in the game?

  4. pv Says:

    can’t….hold out…much longer…..BLARGHHHHH

    Seriously, release this. I’ll pay you…


    Or whatever you charge :-p

  5. Catinthewall Says:

    A spoon = +1 damage? You need Houchou!

    In the Japanese RPG Final Fantasy IV, there was a kitchen knife that could be thrown to instantly kill or severely damage almost any monster. In the original English localization, it was changed to a spoon.

    It also showed up in SLASH’EM.

  6. FuzzYspo0N Says:

    @Lekon, only fuzzy ones i assume!

  7. Kensei Says:

    So this locker system is sort of like the one found in 100 Rogues, just expanded upon?

    Great idea, can’t wait to see it in action :)

  8. David desJardins Says:

    ancient artifacts which not even the most shrivelled old sage knows anything about.

    But Google probably does?

  9. Artemus Harper Says:

    I guess there is always the risk of players knowing about certain items, and trying to find them in order to complete the dungeon they are working on (“I really need that sword of undead slaying to get past this next dungeon”). Expect players to take a tinkerer along for a lot of adventures to maximize the items they find.

  10. Simon Says:

    You said,

    Powerful artifacts discovered in easier dungeons don’t go to waste — If I bring them back to the kingdom will I be able to use them in other adventures?

  11. dislekcia Says:

    @Simon: Yup. Players in the beta have wonderful “do I keep this, this or that” nightmares :)

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