16 May 11

DD will be at E3!

Thanks to the fine folks at IndieCade, Desktop Dungeons is going to be making an appearance at E3 this year! The game will be at the IndieCade stand as part of their curated indie showcase (which just sounds totally posh). So if you’re heading to E3, come find Desktop Dungeons in the West hall: You might not meet us (we’re still trying to figure out how we could afford the trip) but we promise we’ll have something new for you to play!

Speaking of affording things and official announcements, it’s time we let you all know about something we’ve been working on for the past few months: We should be ready to start taking pre-orders for Desktop Dungeons on PC and Mac in the next couple of weeks. We could talk about the annoyances of accepting credit cards in Africa, but we figure you’d rather hear about the cool stuff:

  • We’ll be launching a new Desktop Dungeons focused website, just for the game.
  • Along with a dedicated QCF forum for feedback.
  • And because you’re going to need something to feed-back to us about: The Desktop Dungeons beta will be available soon afterward to pre-order customers!

I still can’t believe our game’s going to hit both the GDC and E3. That’s childhood dream territory…

17 Responses to “DD will be at E3!”

  1. Gary the Llama Says:

    Any plans to put it on Steam?

  2. dislekcia Says:

    The beta will be online only, we’d love to have the full version available on Steam when it’s done though.

  3. getter77 Says:

    Wow…when can we expect to know the general direction the wind is blowing with respect to pricing?

    :counts his small pile:

  4. Priority7 Says:

    You guys are gonna kill my Geology grade.

    That’s about the highest praise I can give a game developer.

  5. pv Says:

    …and there was much rejoicing

  6. microdot Says:

    Well done, that is a huge honor.

  7. Jax Says:

    Yay for pre-order! :)

    Will the full game be available directly from you as a buy-and-download?

  8. teasel Says:

    so… what happens to the freeware version?

  9. dislekcia Says:

    It’ll still be around. We’ll try to release one last version with some minor bugfixes, any cool tilesets we can find and an installer (you have no idea how many tech support emails that would kill). Yes, it’ll still be free :)

  10. jameskond Says:

    A steam code would be kinda neat for ‘direct buyers’ But for this game I don’t really mind just having it downloadable from the site really. It shouldn’t be that big so I get angered I have to download it again right?

  11. Wyatt Says:

    You’re doing that other Unix, so could you please roll a Linux build too? I’d like to engage you in mortal kommerce. 😉

  12. WL Says:

    Are the pre-orders going to be paid using credit card only, or will you accept Paypal? Really looking forward to this.

  13. dislekcia Says:

    Linux support depends on Unity. Obviously we’d like it to run everywhere with no more effort on our side 😉 Is there a Unity web player for Linux?

  14. dislekcia Says:

    Eventually you’ll be able to play the game in-browser and offline as well. If we do get on Steam, we’ll make sure it all behaves nicely.

  15. dislekcia Says:

    We literally just got Paypal working.

  16. Geoffrey Hom Says:

    Congratulations on being at E3! I hope at least one of you guys will be able to make it. If not, maybe you could have others help demo it, like Spy Party did. (http://www.spyparty.com/2011/02/22/i-need-volunteers-for-gdc-next-week/)

  17. Casey Says:

    Please publish this on Steam. I enjoyed the freeware version a lot. I would pay any price for this game and I would wait any amount of time for it to reach Steam, as long as it eventually happened. :)


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