07 Jun 11

The demo timer starts – NOW!

We’ll keep this brief. You have 3 days to play as much Desktop Dungeons as you can. It’s our brand new E3 demo build, and you can get to it by hitting that big ‘Play!’ button in the top left of the Desktop Dungeons site. The demo runs directly in your browser, using the Unity web player. Enjoy!

4 Responses to “The demo timer starts – NOW!”

  1. shaf Says:

    I love the new demo, lots of new options. it is also much easier for new players since the level boss is Lvl5 instead of Lvl 10. The only problem I found was there is no sound through the unity browser running under Firefox 4.

  2. dislekcia Says:

    There is no sound at all in the E3 demo. Nobody hears sound on a crowded show floor, so we devoted our time to other things in the lead-up to the expo.

  3. Jason Says:

    Couple Comments:

    Why do Golems gain Physical resistance when I cast PISORF on them? This should be mentioned in their abilities.

    Additionally, casting pisorf on golems gives my rogue weakened? Not sure if this is intended or not.

  4. dislekcia Says:

    @Jason: Monsters with magical resist handle each spell differently. Fireball simply deals less damage, but with boolean “has effect/doesn’t have effect” spells, we had to do something else. So if you try to petrify a monster and it resists the spell, it’ll gain some physical resistance from turning partially to stone. If you try to use PISORF and that gets resisted, the physical backlash weakens your character… Every spell has a different effect, that’s part of the added risk of casting on magic resist enemies.


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