15 Jun 11

Tileset custom objects

It’s been pointed out that we should probably be a little more verbose with our development updates, so in the spirit of regular content, here’s what I managed to get done today inbetween mindlessly refreshing our sales info, avoiding writing up my E3 trip and reading the forum:

The hideous monstrosity above is our in-house Tileset editor. It allows us to turn a single texture into the detailed map backgrounds to your dungeon runs and is probably needlessly complex. We’ve been wanting to add the ability for tilesets to contain custom graphics for specific in-game objects for a while now. The obvious win being that we could do cool stuff like have signposts with snow all over them in an ice tileset, or tailor the dungeon stairs in every dungeon so that they don’t stick out quite as much as they do now, etc.

So with only a few game-breaking changes, tilesets now support the ability to override almost any ingame object’s graphics, provided we’ve allowed for that in the script. I might want to extend that even further to allow for the equivalent of map-specific monsters, but that’s probably not going to be terribly efficient: It would just be a better idea to add those monsters to the standard monster spritesheets and be done with it.

5 Responses to “Tileset custom objects”

  1. spoomak Says:

    I’m impressed by the in-house editor, actually. I like it! I have a little bit of “in-house editor enthusiast” in me. Sadly, making in-house editors hasn’t been economically sensible in the company I work for. Anyway, thanks for this post!

  2. Asher V Says:

    Ooh I love seeing into the inner workings of games like this!

    Did you make the editor in Unity, as well?

  3. Justin Paver Says:

    Awesome, would love to see your sales numbers :)

    Also, just curious, but any reason you didn’t just extend the unity editor? I believe you can customize it with mono.

  4. PeaceChaser Says:

    I can’t believe you shared that with us. You guys… are amazing. You’re doing it right 😀

  5. MeVII Says:

    I just wanted to say in regards to a level editor or maker. Understanding it would take a “ton of work” for you guys, the game “needs” it, (as in, it would be incredible) and I, for one, would pay and extra 10$ to the price of the game to have it.
    Powerful, well made, DUNGEON editors are rare rare rare rare, and this game is PERFECT for it.

    All the best to you.


    Re: Ask QCF a question

    Postby dislekcia on Thu Jun 02, 2011 8:07 pm

    zeemeerman2 wrote:Will Desktop Dungeons ever bring forth a level editor for creating custom, non-random levels? (e.g. for art levels, …)

    We have an in-house quick and dirty editor that we use to build sub-dungeons. There’s a chance we might be able to polish it up and turn it into a real editor, but it would require a ton of work to make it safe for public consumption.

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