15 Jun 11


Many people complained about hotkeys during the E3 demo, so I took the day to get them in and working. There are now hotkeys for your two favorite potions (H for health and M for mana), and any inventory item that is useable is hotkeyed to the particular inventory slot that it’s in (1-6 top to bottom). And if you’re unsure, the tooltip for the item will tell you it’s hotkey.

5 Responses to “Hotkeys”

  1. Darthcaboose Says:

    That’s fine and dandy, but definitely allow the user to change those keys. If I can access the potion on one hand (like setting health potions to Q and mana potions to W) then that’s a win-win for everyone!

  2. KnobDoctor Says:

    Yay! How about arrow keys for movement? I usually use the mouse but found that I was lost when they didn’t work…

  3. dislekcia Says:

    Why on earth would you use the arrow keys at all? They’re slower than using the mouse, you spend forever moving across the dungeon when just one click would do. They don’t show you combat prediction information or enemy abilities/statuses. I’ve never understood why people care so much about the arrow keys – I feel like I spent a day getting diagonals working nicely in the freeware for pretty much nothing.

  4. KnobDoctor Says:

    dislekcia…I understand what you are saying but…it just doesn’t FEEL right…

  5. Jax Says:

    Arrowkeys are nice when you play on a Mac (or any other) laptop. I am not saying I always use them but as a part-time alternative to a trackpad, they are nice to have.

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