19 Jul 11

Do I want to pick this up?

We’ve all been there. You see something shiny on the dungeon floor, you trot on over, and then you have to decide whether it’s worth taking up your oh-so-limited inventory space. Up until now, that’s been a slow process of: switching to your inventory, hovering over the tiny little ‘i’, and then switching back to the pick up panel … all very tedious. NO MORE!

So much juicy information!

First off we have the new improved pickup panel. This gives you way more information about the item you’re looking to add to your collection. This look/feel has been reproduced all over the game, so any time you see an item description, it should all be quite familiar. Now comes the good part. You see that little “compare” button on the panel? Click that and VOILA!

All the information you need, right there!

Now you can see your entire inventory, and if you hover your mouse over it, you’ll see all the details of those items too! Worried about it getting in the way of the game screen? Never fear, we’ve got it all set up so if you move your mouse back into the visible game area, this whole display will magically disappear, getting you right back to killing that damn level 7 goblin.


21 Responses to “Do I want to pick this up?”

  1. Michał Lewtak Says:

    I check this website everyday.
    I check this website at work on my mobile while I wait for teamviewer to estabilish a connection with my home pc so I can check this website on it. Because my work desktop is too crowded with my work stuff. Which is a software I’m writing that checks this website on its own.
    Today I’m buying a dog so I can train him to check this website.
    Now I have to commit suicide because I haven’t checked this website while writing this comment. Someone please check this website regularly when I’m gone.
    A fan

  2. Peace Says:

    I’m with the headcase above. I check this site multiple times per day for that precious update.

    Please give us the beta before we all end up like that guy.

  3. KnobDoctor Says:

    I have an icon on my bookmark bar so I can check this website over and over and over again for the precious update.

  4. Eagle0600 Says:

    Guys, use the RSS feed. I get notified when there’s an update.

  5. boots Says:

    After the freeware version was so good, and so tightly designed, I feared there would be nothing left to do for the pay version other than new graphics and unnecessary feature bloat but it’s the little things like this that help make the full version of Desktop Dungeons one of my most anticipated games coming up!

  6. Michał Lewtak Says:

    Will battle prediction indicate the final damage done to the enemy, including resistances, knockback damage, mana shield damage, etc.? Also, will we see exactly how much damage we deal to a specific enemy if that number changes for some reason reason (for example, with the Berserker’s higher damage output against higher level monsters, or the Thief’s +30% on first blow)? In this case I do see the correct damage on the HP bar, but I don’t see the exact number of HP point I’ll take. I want to be able to know these numbers without reaching out for a calculator when tackling a tough enemy, so I know if it’s worth fighting or not. The easiest solution would be to show the number of HP taken with each blow on the HP bar, before it’s dealt, for both sides.

  7. Michał Lewtak Says:

    Read the other blog posts, and you’ll see it’s getting much deeper and rebalanced than anything you could experience in the freeware.

  8. dislekcia Says:

    @boots: Thanks! It’s comments like that that keep us poking away till 4am. Hope the full game can live up to those sorts of expectations!

    @Michal: Yes, damage output is always shown exactly, but we didn’t do anything to show the numbers. That’s probably a good idea to see if we can squeeze it in somewhere…

  9. KnobDoctor Says:

    @Eagle: RSS feeds aren’t any fun!

  10. Bruno Says:

    I have only one concern, regarding potions, which has been stated previously in the forums. As potions have no inherent value in themselves, unless you’re quaffing them, there’s no point in occupying inventory slots on them.

    It’s exactly the same to hoard all potions and use them as needed as it is to leave them on the ground and grab/drink one whenever you need it.

    Still, this does not offer a huge ingame advantage so if that’s the way it is, it’s fine. However, I think we must all be in the same page that when used that way (and in hardcore late game, where every little advantage counts, it most definitely will), potions, save the starting ones, will not be occupying space in our inventory.

    Still, I want to say I’m really thrilled about this game and eagerly waiting for the beta!

    Kudos and keep up the great work!

  11. Michał Lewtak Says:

    @Bruno: That is a good remark. Since potions now occupy inventory space, will we choose when to pick them up or will we still grab them automatically? It would be a bad idea if they were still auto-grabbed, because if we don’t want to use up inventory space until we actually need the potion, the potions that stand in the middle of passages will block you while the ones you can walk around won’t, and that would be very irritating. Unless, of course, there’s a separate inventory space for potions only, but I remember in the E3 demo that it was all shared (and I wish I could remember if potions were auto-pickup or not. Anybody?).

  12. Aequitas Says:

    @Bruno, @Michal Lewtak: While potions will still take up inventory space, they will be changed to stack like-on-like. So when you choose to pick up a potion, if there is already one in your inventory, it will stack on top of it.

    This way you need to maintain some inventory space if you want to use potions. You won’t be able to use them from the floor, same as you can’t use glyphs from the floor, so picking them up and stacking them would be a good idea.

  13. Michał Lewtak Says:

    But then can we temporarily drop an item to drink a potion? Having to convert an item to be able to drink one potion lying somewhere and then be left with an empty space would be kinda irritating, like converting one of your good glyphs to be able to convert the one that’s on the floor (before I found out you can convert glyphs straight from the floor).
    Sorry if I’m being too picky, but I’m awaiting this coffee-break procrastination game more eagerly than Deus Ex 3, Arkham City and Skyrim combined!

  14. KnobDoctor Says:

    “So when you choose to pick up a potion, if there is already one in your inventory, it will stack on top of it.

    “This way you need to maintain some inventory space if you want to use potions.”

    Who on earth ISN’T going to use potions?

    May as well make them stack separately and just take away an inventory slot.

  15. Nero Says:

    With this potion system, there seems to be no incentive to pick up potions until they are needed. In fact it seems the only time this system will differ from the original’s is when you use all your starting potions and then pick up an item to fill out your inventory. In that case you would have to convert to use potions which would offer an extra element of strategy, but in all other situations, I prefer just picking them up in their own special slots.

  16. Michał Lewtak Says:

    Well, unless the game changes much, I’m not gonna use potions until the boss(es), so I’ll be using all my inventory slots for items and then giving up one of them for the potions in case I fill them all up. Come to think of it, that sounds interesting – having to decide which item’s gonna help you the least and knowing when to convert it.
    Again, I just hope we’ll be able to choose whether to pick up potions instead of doing that automatically, now that they occupy inventory space.

  17. Pantheon Says:

    ATTENTION: You have a problem with your forum registration.

    I tried to register for the forum, but the captcha is nigh impossible to get right on the first try, and if you get it wrong the site tells you you have used up your attempts for this session (after one attempt) and i’ve waited a good half hour and i’m still getting the error.

    Please fix the forum registration so i can submit the (lots of) bugs i’ve found!

  18. Cliffy007 Says:

    Please let us Convert the items from the list of COMPARED items!!! VERY VERY annoying for some reason when i tried to convert from the compare list and wasn’t able to!

  19. Cliffy007 Says:

    Potions should NOT take up an inventory space… it should have it’s own icon to show quantity.

    Mana Potion x1
    Health Potion x3


  20. Cliffy007 Says:

    Pressing Esc button should close out menus…

  21. Cliffy007 Says:

    When i walk onto items and do compares and other things, i cannot press spacebar to pick it up after, i have to walk OFF of the item and walk BACK ONTO the item THEN i can press spacebar to pick it up.

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