13 Jun 13

Drink from the Fire Hose

Fire Hose Games has been experimenting with streaming recently, doing things like discussing the intricacies of game development techniques and playing other indie games they enjoy for their audience. Back in 2010 they said some very nice things about Desktop Dungeons, so when the opportunity came up for us to put the newest version of the game in front of them, we jumped at it. That ended up with Marc and I joining Sean in playing Desktop Dungeons in front of complete strangers for a while as Sean asked us all sorts of smart questions. Here’s the recording of the stream!


Just as a programming-related aside: When you happen to be working on path-finding, make sure that it’s as self-contained as possible. I’m having a hard time right now trying to refactor some path-finding subsystems so that Marc can deal with a couple of tricky knockback-from-the-other-side-of-the-dungeon prediction problems. Some lazy coding I did months ago came back to bite me in the ass yesterday…


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