27 Oct 10

Pssst! Hey!

We’ve been working with an incredible artist for the past couple of months, getting the full version out of our heads and into shape. I think it’s time we started showing off some of that process (because everyone loves art)… First up, character portrait concepts:

I literally can’t pick a favorite.

Current activity, now that we’re well and truly done with IGF entry stuff:
Aequitas is beavering away at the quest and tutorial systems, getting everything ready for content and doing a ton of behind-the-scenes stuff like writing saving/loading subsystems. Nandrew’s been re-designing the tutorial so that it’s better than the old one at one or two things, as well as getting people into the new systems in the full version. He’s also re-balancing the spell glyphs based on all the data we’ve got from the freeware version, tweaking the ones nobody enjoyed using and possibly even adding a couple of new ones we’ve had ideas for. I’m back to poking at the interface after spending last week working on the Kingdom and its progression.

11 Responses to “Pssst! Hey!”

  1. DukeOFprunes Says:

    OMGoodness these are fantastic! Does the artist have a portfolio?

  2. saleje,aster Says:

    by the gods. This is trully amazing…damn it now I want more :/

  3. FuzzYspo0N Says:

    WOW. That is all.

    Can’t wait to see more.

  4. ryz Says:

    these are simply some of the BEST character portraits i’ve seen in long time.. my god.

    very unique style. love it.

  5. QCF Design Says:

    […] of you that enjoyed the Human portraits a while back might notice that there are three more portraits here. Those are the challenge […]

  6. Brent Says:


  7. Afflict Says:

    Very very cool!

  8. Tord Says:

    Oh dear god that looks awesome!

  9. Charlie Says:

    From left to right.

    Middle – Top – Bottom – Top

    Oh god, especially top right.

  10. Someone Says:

    So does the addition of character portraits include the possibility of picking one’s gender?

  11. dislekcia Says:

    We’re working on dealing with the gender-inequality. Right now I don’t think you’ll be able to choose, specifically, heros are rather dime-a-dozen. You’re not supposed to get attached to them, so we’ll probably make it random for now.


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