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*[[Mage Tower]]
*[[Mage Tower]]
===Race Buildings===
===Race Settlements===
*[[The Neighbourhood]]
*[[Settlements|The Neighbourhood]]
*[[Hippie Haven]]
*[[Settlements|Hippie Haven]]
*[[The Delta-Iota-Gamma Fraternity]]
*[[Settlements|The Delta-Iota-Gamma Fraternity]]
*[[The Hole]]
*[[Settlements|The Hole]]
*[[The Gnomestead]]
*[[Settlements|The Gnomestead]]
*[[Orc Gables]]
*[[Settlements|Orc Gables]]
*[[Bigger Money Pit]]
*[[Settlements|Bigger Money Pit]]
===Adventure Buildings===
===Adventure Buildings===

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There are many different buildings you acquire throughout Desktop Dungeons and they have a wide variety of functions. It may unlock a class, grant preparations, or just be where you complete some puzzles. Here's a list:

Class Buildings

Race Settlements

Adventure Buildings

Market Buildings