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The Guild (or Adventurer's Guild) is a building that houses the warriors of Desktop Dungeons. Initially only the Fighter is available (at a cost of 150, provided during the tutorial). Further upgrades later unlock the Berserker and Warlord classes as well as item preparation unlocks.


Level 0 - Your first building upgrade!

It's time to move up in the world! Click here to open the upgrade panel.

  • Description: It all has to begin somewhere...
  • Cost to upgrade: 150g

Level 1 - Adventure Clubhouse

The best (and only) gathering point for the realm's greatest heroes. A useful stopping point between adventures.

  • Description: Here stands the humble Club of Adventurers, where wannabe heroes and contract seekers hold monthly meetings to discuss hack-and-slashery.
  • Cost to upgrade: 1000g
  • Provides:

Level 2 - Mead Hall

These mighty walls are home to some of the realm's finest (albeit most inebriated and violent) heroes. Reserved for ballroom dancing every Friday.

  • Description: This noisy base of operations is drenched in the smell of ale, sweat and victory. Victory, of course, smelling much like ale and sweat.
  • Cost to upgrade: 2000g
  • Provides:
    • Class: Human Berserker.png Berserker unlocked
    • Locker: Provides 3 slots where items can be stored and used in later dungeons (at a cost)
    • Monster: Unlocks the Wraith Monster Icon.png Wraith monster and adds it to your base monster pool.

Level 3 - Heroic Headquarters

The Kingdom's proudest monument stands as a testament to the courage, tenacity and alcohol tolerance of the realm's most legendary heroes.

  • Description: Here stands the hallowed gathering hall of the realm's finest adventurers, where grizzled veterans recount their deeds and fledgling mercenaries become Kingdom heroes or dungeon fodder.
  • Provides:
    • Class: Human Warlord.png Warlord unlocked
    • Locker slots: Provides 3 additional slots where items can be stored for a total of 6
    • Monster: Unlocks the Goo Blob Monster Icon.png Goo Blob monster and adds it to your base monster pool.


Like other class buildings the Guild provides unique class challenges (bronze, silver, and gold) for each class.

Class Challenge Level Reward Description
Fighter Bronze 150g Bleat It Dive into a dungeon filled with a multitude of Goats and a Gorgon boss.
Silver Platemail.png Platemail Toe-to-Toe A dungeon very similar to the northern desert with a high damaging Djinn boss.
Gold Veto Slot* The Arena An unusual enclosed arena where enemies come in waves. You start with platemail.
Berserker Bronze 250g RAWR!
Silver Whurrgarbl.png Whurrgarbl Again! Again!
Gold Veto Slot* ??
Warlord Bronze 350g Terror Begins
Silver Trisword.png Trisword Terror Grows
Gold Veto Slot* Terror's End
  • You must beat all 3 golds for the veto slot.