Class Challenges

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Each of the main 12 classes have three challenges for you to conquer. They come in Bronze, Silver, and Gold challenges. Completing a Silver challenge unlocks an item, and for every 3 Gold challenges you complete, you can veto one item, preventing it from appearing in a shop.

You cannot earn any gold in class challenges.

List of Class Challenges

Name Challenge Flavor Text Boss(es) Monsters Restrictions
Bleat It Fighter Bronze Challenge Gorgons have broken into the Kingdom's petting zoo, spreading madness and petrification. Fight your way through the enraged goats and put an end to the gorgon leader! No preparations allowed
Toe-to-toe Fighter Silver Challenge A particularly troublesome djinn thinks it's being smart by harassing our northern caravans with illusion magic and wild beasts. Mere guards cannot hope to defend against this: this matter needs someone made of sterner stuff. Blacksmith allowed
[[The Arena] Fighter Gold Challenge Okay Fighter, it's time to do what you do best! Can you survive the trails of the Quaking Arena and emerge as champion? Blacksmith, Apothecary, Alchemist allowed