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Dwarf.png Dwarf

80 points = +1 Max HP

Suggested Classes Thief, Priest, Rogue, Bloodmage
Lives in The Delta-Iota-Gamma Fraternity
Class portraits
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Dwarf Crusader.pngDwarf Transmuter.pngDwarf Tinker.png
The Dwarf race offers improved toughness and longevity in combat over other races. The dwarf is difficult to work into advanced builds for a variety of reasons, but can still be very effective when leveraging the right bonuses.

Hit points automatically recalculate every time you gain a new level, so it doesn't matter when you gain the conversion bonus. It is important to note that not all healing effects will be improved by the dwarf racial bonus; the HALPMEH glyph and exploration in particular are not improved, so you will need to work harder to refill your full HP gauge. For characters relying heavily on regeneration-fighting or magical healing, this makes the dwarf a poor race choice.


The dwarf works best when combined with effects that heal a percentage of your maximum hit points, such as Dracul's blood swell boon, the healing potion, or the fire heart item. Leveraging these effects is key to getting maximum benefit from the dwarf. The biggest challenge the dwarf has is in improving his damage output. Having high hit points will allow you to survive more attacks, but this means little if the attack damage you're hitting back for is low. Played naively, it's almost always better to use the Race: Human Human, who will make up for fewer attacks with higher attack damage and won't need to explore as many tiles to refill his health bar.

One difficulty dwarves often have is fighting monsters with powerful attacks. For most characters, there isn't a big difference between a monster that deals 60% of your hit points in damage and a monster that deals 90% of your hit points in damage; either way you're not going to be able to get a second attack in. If dwarves cannot improve their HP enough to survive at least one extra hit, their entire racial advantage is useless. Particularly when combined with glyphs that allow for free attacks chains, such as Glyph: CYDSTEPP CYDSTEPP or Glyph: GETINDARE GETINDARE, this can reduce the attractiveness of a dwarf versus a human.

Dwarves make an excellent choice for the Rogue class. The dwarven HP bonus is not affected by the rogue's HP penalty, allowing a dwarven rogue to have above-average hit points without using any boons from deities.

Dwarves make effective Thieves, Rogues, Priests, and Bloodmages.

Thief Being able to use your mana potions for extra health regeneration leverages the dwarf's bonus hit points nicely, making the thief a great class selection.

Rogue Where the rogue suffers from horrendously low hit points, the dwarf compensates. It's a great pairing.

Priest With super-powered healing potions filling the entirety of the expanded dwarven hit point gauge, the priest is a great selection for the dwarf.

Bloodmage The sanguine class feature heals a % of your maximum hit points, which means dwarves benefit more than anyone else.