Forging Ahead

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Forging Ahead is a special dungeon that serves as the Class: Tinker Tinker silver challenge.


Blacksmith only.

Special Rules

You cannot convert any items or glyphs except for your starting scrolls.

Shops spawn with a generally fixed array of items, many of which are rare or unique to this dungeon:

The map is divided by a river, with a single stepping stone serving as a bridge between two halves. Walls perpendicular to the river will appear as each enemy is defeated.


Monster: Vampire Vampires, Monster: Wraith Wraiths, Monster: Shade Shades, Monster: Thrall Thralls and Monster: Zombie Zombies

The Boss

The boss is Force, a level 10 Djinn (HP 522/ATK 75/Blink) that changes secondary abilities as it blinks around.


You cannot convert any items or glyphs except for your starting scrolls, and you don't want to convert those anyway. If you save your potions and don't want an entire line of inventory taken up by that Spoon, this limits you to 3 small items (conveniently, there are 3 Compression Seals available) and 5 large ones.

Cracked Orb and Ritual Scroll are consumed on use, and so don't take a space.

Half the enemies on this dungeon have lifesteal. This is really annoying.