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HalflingHero.png Halfling

80 points = 1 Health potion.png Health potion

Suggested Classes Thief, Priest
Lives in The Hole
Class portraits
Halfling Fighter.pngHalfling Berserker.pngHalfling Warlord.png Halfling Thief.pngHalfling Rogue.pngHalfling Assassin.png
Halfling Priest.pngHalfling Monk.pngHalfling Paladin.png Halfling Wizard.pngHalfling Sorcerer.pngHalfling Bloodmage.png
Halfling Crusader.pngHalfling Transmuter.pngHalfling Tinker.png
The Halfling is a race in Desktop Dungeons, unlocked after completing the Find the Halflings quest. You must survive the dungeon after finding it. Back in the kingdom, you must pay gold to upgrade their building and be able to use them. Completing a special exclamation mark quest (!) will halve the cost.

Halfling vs. Dwarf

Both the Halfling and the Dwarf have racial specials that expand your effective Health. For 80 Conversion Points the Dwarf gains +1 maximum Health per level, whereas the Halfling gains 1 Health Potion. The Dwarf favors early conversions, that allow him to benefit multiple times from the slightly expanded Health pool; the Halfling however is quite fine to put off converting until the additional potions are actually needed, which is normally late game. Generally, Dwarves offer more staying power during the dungeon, while Halflings have a stronger Health spike.

Both Halflings and Dwarves are geared towards melee longevity. On the surface of it, Dwarves seem easier to play because their bonus is constant, and it may actually be so on the earlier maps of the game; however, the higher versatility offered by Halflings keeps them viable choices for all levels of dungeon difficulty, whereas Dwarves normally struggle on more challenging dungeons and require great skill - and a specialised strategy - to fully leverage their racial bonus.


Halflings benefit from anything that gives a high max Health, such as the Troll Heart, Alchemist Scroll, Glowing Guardian (convert out before drinking potions), Jehora Jeheyu and The Earthmother.

A superb item for halflings is the Trisword.png Trisword. Due to the extra potions you will accrue you can activate it for its full bonus more often.

They can be used in combination with most classes, but the ones that work best are Thieves and Priests due to their affinity for healing potions.

Thief: The halfling can take advantage of the thief's SURVIVOR ability, which gives extra 20% MP for every HP potion quaffed, as well as 20% HP for every MP potion. Find a glyph that improves physical combat (BYSEPS, HALPMEH, CYDSTEPP or GETINDARE), prepare a tri-sword and find items that improve the synergy between magic and physical combat (Witchalock Pendant, Fire Heart, Martyr Wraps).

Priest: The Priest's "Good Drink" allows Halflings to make the most use out of it. Extremely powerful when used against undead. Use the tri-sword or dragon shield. Boost your HP, resistances and damage reduction so that you can take many hits from the enemy.

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